9 Reasons why Running increases your Wellness

9 Reasons why Running increases your Wellness

We all know that running helps us to stay healthy. However, for many people, physical exercise can represent a difficult task to fulfill, a cumbersome and complicated duty. Maybe you will change your mind after reading this article in which I will tell you 9 reasons that will show you that running is not only good for your health, but it will also make you feel much happier.

Because what is happiness, after all, if not the search for integral wellbeing and balance between our body, our mind, and our environment? Incredible as it may seem, something as simple as running is one of the most complete physical activities that exist and can quickly bring you closer to that state of well-being that we all want for our lives.

1.- It is free, easy, and practical

Running is free, easy, and practical.


If you are one of those who think that exercising requires a lot of planning, time and money, I must tell you that running is the easiest, most practical and economical solution. Forget about paying for an expensive gym and having to stick to stipulated schedules. To run you only need appropriate shoes and desire. You can do it at any time, without having to go anywhere far away and without spending a penny. Moreover, you can go at your own pace, wherever you want, and for as long as you want. It’s so simple, there’s no excuse not to go running.

2. Reduces stress and depression

Running reduces stress

Physical activity for the prevention of anxiety and depression is something that has been known and practiced since ancient Greece, but lost strength in the twentieth century with the emergence of powerful drugs that promised to magically combat these ills. Fortunately, we are again understanding that there is nothing more natural and healthy than exercise to overcome emotional problems. They call it “psychotherapy through movement” and I assure you that it is much more effective, more fun, and less expensive than the psychologist’s chair.

A study at Southern Methodist University in Dallas showed that the reaction to stress is much better if people do some form of aerobic exercise on a regular basis. Moreover, the physical exhaustion following exercise will result in a deeper rest and restorative sleep that will make you wake up as good as new.

3. It connects you to yourself and your surroundings.

Running connects you to yourself and your surroundings

It doesn’t matter if you decide to run on the treadmill in an enclosed area or if you choose to go out and walk around your neighborhood. Because it’s an activity that doesn’t require you to follow instructions, positions, or pre-established guidelines, you allow your brain to focus on what you want it to. It may be a little hard at first to let go and stop thinking about problems and worries. But little by little you will connect with yourself, with your breathing, with your resistance levels and it will be a space of time in which you will be with yourself, aware of how your body works.

On the other hand, if you decide to run outdoors, you will begin to “discover” the place where you live, to see things that were previously unnoticed, to appreciate the details. There is nothing more therapeutic than contact with nature; it is something that is often lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and that you can recover while running.

4. Increases self-esteem and self-confidence

Increases self-esteem and self-confidence

If you are one of those who feel happy when you manage to complete a task, then you will be in a permanent state of happiness while running. The human body is a prodigious machine that quickly adapts to whatever you demand of it.

If you are just starting to run, don’t set unattainable goals. The idea is not to get frustrated but to gradually test your ability. In this way, you will surprise yourself by surpassing your own personal bests, feel proud of yourself and gain confidence to set new goals.

Finally, the benefits of running will result in a noticeable improvement in your physical appearance, which will make you feel more confident and comfortable with your body and, therefore, with much more peace of mind.

5. Eliminates toxins

running Eliminates toxins

Running helps to release toxins and impurities through perspiration, in addition to oxygenating the blood thanks to the strong exchange of gases produced by vigorous breathing. All this will result in radiant skin with good color. You will be a healthier person and this will be reflected in the mirror and in your mood.

If you are one of those who overindulge in food, smoke, or drink alcoholic beverages frequently, running will help you purify all your systems so you can indulge yourself without remorse and even reverse certain types of addictions.

6. Keeps you fit and toned

Running Keeps you fit and toned

A good portion of today’s society is concerned about their weight. A diet can be effective, but it will be much more so if it is accompanied by regular and consistently physical exercise. Imagine for a moment that you find the magic recipe to lose those extra pounds. Wouldn’t you feel very full? Well, that formula is in your hands, or rather, in your legs. Running at least 30 minutes a day, 4 or 5 times a week will eliminate all the excess fat and, what’s better, will tone your muscles so that nothing “falls off” after having lost weight.

On the other hand, running will help you lose weight slowly and progressively, which, according to professionals, is the right way to do it so as not to affect your health or regain the lost weight in the short term.

7. Increases physical and mental agility

Running Increases physical and mental agility

Obviously, running will get you in great physical shape, which is enough to make you feel healthier and more at ease with yourself. But in addition, a study by the University of Illinois showed that running exerts a powerful brain stimulation. Contrary to what you might think, people who run every day feel more active and energetic throughout the day.

8. It helps you socialize

Running helps you socialize

Many runners choose to do it alone to concentrate on their performance, and it also serves as a form of meditation and a moment with themselves. But there are many others who prefer to run in pairs or groups so they can measure themselves, compare times, set common goals and connect socially.

Whether alone or in a team, the running trend is spreading to more and more people every day, and the community of runners tends to be gregarious, relaxed, and participative. It’s always good to feel like you belong. Running is much more than a fad. It’s a way of life.

9. Produces pleasure and happiness

Running Produces pleasure and happiness

Beyond the psychological reasons that prove that physical activity produces happiness, there are chemical processes within the body that scientifically support this fact. Running, like dancing or laughing, activates the generation of certain hormones in the body that produce very positive effects.

Running stimulates the production of endorphins, which are chemical substances produced by the organism, the same as those derived from opium. They are endogenous analgesics that soothe pain, produce a feeling of well-being and pleasure, and positively influence attention and memory.

Serotonin, commonly called the “pleasure and happiness hormone,” is also activated by running. This hormone plays an important role in inhibiting anger and aggression – the function of antidepressants is precisely to modify serotonin levels in the body – as well as producing pleasure – during orgasm, for example, serotonin production increases considerably. Imagine then that with every kilometer you run, whether you want to or not, you will also be increasing the production of happiness in your body.


Running is one of the most complete and beneficial physical activities for health; it exercises the cardiovascular musculature, activates circulation, oxygenates the blood, and improves lung capacity; it regulates the functions of the digestive system, preventing constipation, increases mental concentration, improves the appearance of the skin, strengthens bones and muscles and helps prevent diseases.

In addition, running stimulates the competitive spirit, provides you with new friends, relaxes the body and predisposes it to good sleep, and stimulates the hormones that produce pleasure. Finally, running is easy, economical, and adaptable to your pace, your time, and your level of demand. In short, running will make you a much happier person. No more excuses, GO RUNNING!

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