How to Stay on Track

How to Stay on Track

Traveling can be an adventure in itself but can be something you take a few too many days before you find out the hard way that you are not getting the health and fitness benefits you need from your usual routine walking or fitness training. Those long drives, bumpy rides, and time away from family and friends can sneak some hidden time where you are not expecting it and develop some unhealthy habits. So if you are looking for healthy transportation and fit life, read on!

Tip # 1 – Fill your tank!

All mobility is dependent upon our body’s ability to stay hydrated, as well as the range and amount of water in bodily fluids such as blood and lymph fluids. Not getting enough fluids can leave you physically drained, so be sure you are easily able to keep up your water supply. A common problem for those who travel is not drinking enough water and the results can be dire. Remember that the average person loses about 2,000 gallons of water a day, so you need to drink regularly!

Tip # 2 – Learn some easy exercises!

Learning basic exercises, such as touching your toes by bending at the waist, kneeling, or sitting up, can be a great way to travel. These easy exercises can be learned and practiced during your trip. They can allow you to travel with confidence through your workouts. It takes time to develop these new exercises, so don’t be impatient! Learning a new skill can be regained and improved upon with practice.

Tip #3 – Vacations are a big part of the equation!

Vacations are huge when talking about healthy and rigorous workouts. Some of the best workouts have the ” backdrop” of a great vacation or long-planned, and planning a vacation is the best part of making a plan to keep your body in great shape. No one would suspect you of being a flight attendant, a homeless shelter volunteer, or an Olympic athlete gear when you take your 84 PCT in hand at your HIIT class or commercial gym. Having a schedule is crucial when working out, and conflicting desires can lead to frustrations and give you a harder time staying on schedule. So be reasonable about your athletic schedule and make sure there are “no-obe up for eight” hours blocks of time where you don’t want to be seen.

Tip # 4 – Partner exercise classes!

Varying an exercise regimen not only permits you to work out something completely different each time, but it also forces you to adapt your legal and nervous systems to a variety of experiences. Exercising with a friend can help you nut out exactly what works best for your body, energy level, and goals before and after your workouts, as well it allows you the companionship of a group to keep each other on track during the more ” globular” hours of the day. So whether you are a nature-lover or an adrenaline-junkie, working out with a partner can make your exercise regimen more enjoyable and rewarding!

Tip #5 – Create a frenemy list!

Chemistry can be a key element in athletic performance, motivation, and sticking with a regimen. Be Medic-Trapped! keeping a list of your frenemy friends on an exercise or fitness routine and strive to motivate them as well. It takes some mental toughness to stay committed to a workout regimen, and your biggest enemy may be procrastination. So don’t give up just yet! Make the time to hang out with your buddies, and they’ll help keep each other on track. If you aren’t as buddy-magic as your friends, use visualization to see yourself like they are really getting exercise, and it will get easier for you to stay on task.

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