6 Steps to Make Meditation

6 Steps to Make Meditation

Creating a meditation practice can have a significant impact on our lives, relationships, and overall well-being. It can also be demanding and difficult!

We are sowing the seeds of serenity and quiet in our lives by practicing mindfulness meditation. We will reap the benefits if we incorporate mindfulness into our daily lives on a constant basis, even when nothing appears to be happening.

When we notice that our troublesome old behaviors, resistances, and distractions are impeding our development, we must continue to feed them. Explore this 6 steps method to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life:

1. Choose an appropriate location for your daily meditation

It can be anywhere you can sit comfortably and quietly, such as a corner of your bedroom or any other peaceful location in your home. Set up a meditation cushion or chair for your use. Arrange your surroundings such that you are reminded of your meditative objective and that the environment feels tranquil. Allow yourself to appreciate the process of establishing this space for yourself.

2. Find a regular practice time that works for your schedule and temperament

If you’re a morning person, try a sitting before breakfast. If you prefer the nighttime or have a more flexible schedule, try it first. Begin by sitting for 10 or twenty minutes at a time. Later on, you can sit for longer periods of time or more regularly. Daily meditation can become as routine as bathing or brushing one’s teeth. It might help to cleanse and soothe your heart and mind on a daily basis.

3. Find a position on the chair or cushion

Allow your body to be securely rooted on the land, your hands to rest effortlessly, your heart to be soft, and your eyes to be gently closed. Feel your body first and consciously ease any obvious tightness. Allow yourself to let go of any habitual thoughts or plans.

4. Bring your focus to the sensations of your breathing

Take a few deep breaths to feel where the breath is most easily felt, such as coolness or tingling in the nostrils or throat, movement of the chest, or rise and fall of the belly. Then take a deep breath and let it out naturally. Feel the feelings of your natural breathing with great care, relaxing into each breath as you feel it, and notice how the soft sensations of breathing come and go with the changing breath.

5. Stray after a few breaths

Your mind will most likely stray after a few breaths. When you notice this, regardless of how long or short you have been away, simply return to the next breath. Before you return, you can acknowledge your absence with a mild word in the back of your mind, such as “thinking,” “wandering,” “listening,” or “itching.” After softly and silently naming to yourself where your attention has been, return to feeling the next breath gently and directly. Later in your meditation practice, you will be able to engage mindfully with all of the areas your mind travels to, but for now, one word of awareness and a simple return to breath is sufficient.

6. Allow the breath to naturally change rhythms

Allow the breath to naturally change rhythms as you sit, allowing it to be short, long, quick, slow, harsh, or easy. Relax into your breath to calm yourself. Allow your attention to become gentle and cautious, as soft as the breath itself, as your breath softens.

Guided meditation is one of the best ways to practice for beginners. I strongly advise you to use the free meditations on the Insight Timer app.

Bring yourself back a thousand times softly, as if you were training a puppy. Over the course of several weeks and months, you will progressively learn to use your breath to quiet and center yourself. This process will go through several cycles, with stormy days alternating with clear days. Simply stick with it. As you listen intently, you will discover that awareness established on the breath aids in connecting with and quieting your entire body and mind.

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