Best Boat & Yacht Rental Companies in Lake Havasu

Best Boat & Yacht Rental Companies in Lake Havasu

Are you looking for a Yacht, Boat, or Pontoon Rental Service in Lake Havasu? ⚓ Here is the ultimate list of the best boat rental companies in Lake Havasu in 2022

Lake Havasu City is located in Mohave County, Arizona, United States of America. This city is located along the colorado river that borders California, USA, and Arizona, USA. Lake Havasu is the CenterPoint of the city.1938 is when the lake was formed after the parker dam was constructed. Havasu city started as a rest camp for the Air Army Corps during World War II. It is part of the Sonoran Desert’s western and northern limits; Lake Havasu city features significant biodiversity.

The famous London bridge looming above the city makes it popular. After London auctioned it, the London Bridge was purchased by Robbert McCullough, the city’s founding father, for $2,460000 in 1968. The community thrives on tourism and beautiful experiences. As the city is the home to the famous and historic annual events, London bridge, pristine lake, ideal weather, and restaurants, it gets a massive number of tourists annually.

According to the 2020 census, this city has a population of 57,144. Lake Havasu City is rated among the best 100 bass fishings points in the USA. Lake Havasu City hosts off-road trails.

Renting a Boat in Lake Havasu.

Lake Havasu City has various adventures, and boat riding is one of them. You can decide to go to the bridge water channel where you can stop by restaurants and shops under the London Bridge or take your rented boat to the northern side of the lake to have good times at the sandbars. Whether you want to board a boat as a family or a group of friends, you can make lifetime memories by renting a boat. Yes, you can enjoy a boat ride without owning one!

Choosing the best rental company is essential for your peace of mind while having a good time on the water. This article guides on what you need to know if you are looking to rent a boat in Lake Havasu City.

How much is the cost of renting a boat in Lake Havasu?

The price of renting a boat in Lake Havasu includes the gas and taxes. The cost of renting depends on the period you will be using the bat on water. For instance, the average price of renting a boat for a whole day is between $280 and $400. On the other hand, renting a boat for half a day is approximately $140. The boat size also impacts the price of renting a boat. The bigger the boat size, the higher the rental price.

What kind of licenses do you need to rent a boat in Lake Havasu?

According to the Lake Havasu city laws, you do not require a license to rent a boat in Lake Havasu. You can rent a boat without a boater Education Certification. Ideally, it would be best to be up to date with all the local state regulations before renting a boat in Lake Havasu City.

What kind of boats can you rent in Lake Havasu?

You can rent all types of boats in Lake Havasu. You can rent yachts, pontoon boats, Jet skis, sailboats, cabin cruises, Deckboats, party boats, and fishing boats. Your budget and the number of people boarding the boat will determine the type of boat you will rent.

How many people can use the boat rental at a time?

The size of the boat and the number of life jackets available determine the number of people who can board a boat. Most boats have a capacity plate. If the boat you have rented doesn’t have a capacity plate, the current coast guard rules in lake Havasu allow for 10-12 people to board a boat rental at the same time.

How old does a renter have to be to rent a boat in Lake Havasu?

Younger people can drive a boat on the lake. However, to sign the rental contract in Lake Havasu, you have to be 18 years old. In some cases, you must be older than 18 years to rent a captained boat. To rent a bareboat charter, you are required to be above the age of 25.

If getting the right company to rent a boat from is a hassle for you, Here is a list of the best 12+1 boat rental companies you can rent from in Lake Havasu City.

Ranking of the Best Boat Rental companies in Lake Havasu in 2022

1.- Havasu Outlaw Boat Rentals (5/5)

Havasu Outlaw Boat Rentals
Image courtesy of Havasu Outlaw Boat Rentals

The Havasu Outlaw Boat Rentals is a highly rated boat rental company located on Beachcomber Blvd, Lake Havasu City, AZ,86403. Their renting prices change according to the days of the week.

They charge $450 per day from Monday to Thursday. From Friday to Sunday, they charge $550 to rent their boats for a whole day. To reserve the boat of your choice, you need to deposit a certain amount to secure your reservation. The company has price discounts during various festivals.

Less hassle, best prices, and fast boats are the advantages of using Havasu outlaw Boat rentals. There have been fewer or no complaints about the company making it a five-star boat renting company. They focus on customer satisfaction; thus, most people who have used Havasu outlaw boats are always satisfied. Most customers complement the company for the easy pickup and returns; they are friendly staff and spacious boats.

2.- Invert Sports (4,8/5)

Invert Sports
Image courtesy of Invert Sports

Invert Sports offers high-quality surfboat rentals and other boating services in Lake Havasu City. The boat renters can find the invert sports company on all marinas of Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The company offers a variety of boating experiences such as Master craft wakeboard boat rentals, private jet ski rentals, boat charters, and boat tours, to name a few. They operate from 7:00 AM-10:00 PM. This company accepts payment using all credit cards, and their prices depend on the type of boat you want to rent.

The company has nine wakeboard boat models for rent. Having a variety of boats make them the largest and most diverse rental company in the area. Most of their boats are new and work exceptionally. The company tries its best to offer an outstanding service to the customers. However, most customers complain of their unprofessionalism and putting additional charges during return.

3.- Nautical Watersports Boat Rentals (4,7/5)

Nautical Watersports
Image courtesy of Nautical Watersports

Nautical Watersports center was launched in 1986. They are situated at Nautical Beachfront resort, Lake Havasu, Arizona. They offer a large selection of boats for you to choose from. They have jet skis, pontoon boats, paddleboards, and houseboats. The cost of renting their boats is $275 for half a day and $100 for a full day.

The customers enjoy more time on the lake as the company has a gas station. They are making it easy for you to fuel the boat. Nautical watersports are famous for their friendly staff and excellent customer service. However, other customers claim to have incurred extra charges when renting the boats. Ideally, you should take photos of any dents and report damages before boarding your rented boat.

4.- Tortuga Boat Rentals (4,7/5)

Tortuga Boat Rentals
Image courtesy of Tortuga Boat Rentals

The boat rental company is located at 1505 Corona Drive, Lake Havasu City, Arizona86403, United States. They operate from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. They have a variety of boats for you to choose from, and the company charges an average of $399 per day. They offer tubes, a free cooler, and a bag of ice to their customers. They have a friendly staff and price discount offer during holidays.

The good thing about them is that they even give a map of Lake Havasu to the clients. You have to be 25 years or older to rent a boat from them. The only reason they are Rated 4,7/5 is because of price fluctuations.

5.- Havasu Adventure Company (4,6/5)

Havasu Adventure Company
Image courtesy of Havasu Adventure Company

The company is located at 901 N Lake Havasu Avenue, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403. They have T.ritoons, Double-decker/Water slides, Deck/ski boats, Pontoons, and Wake /surf boats.

These boats are available for 4-hour, 6-hour, and 8-hour rentals. Their pricing depends on the boat’s capacity. You have to be 18 years with a valid driving license to rent some of their boats and 25 years or older to use some.

It is an affordable company to rent your boat as their pricing includes taxes, gas, and insurance. The only reason why they are rated 4,6/5 is because of an overcharge that was later quickly resolved. They have excellent customer service and offer excellent adventures.

6.- Champion Rentals (4,5/5)

Champion Rentals
Image courtesy of Champion Rentals

Champion Rentals are located at 502 English VillageLake Havasu City, Arizona 86403. This company is unique because they have a floating dock on the channel North of the famous London bridge. The company is owned and managed by IJSBA.

They offer different boats for rentals, such as jet skis and pontoon boats. They are open every day from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. They accept credit cards.

They have fantastic customer service. However, there have been complaints about not renting out boats to some customers for various reasons, thus lowering their ratings. Their average charge for a boat is $275.00 for a whole day. The price includes tax and fuel. To reserve a boat, you have to deposit ac certain amount first.

7.- Rentals on the Beach (4,3/5)

Rentals on the Beach
Image courtesy of Rentals on the Beach

The boat renting company is located at Crazy Horse Campgrounds, 1534 Beachcomber Blvd, Lake Havasu City,86403. Rentals on the Beach is a family-owned company. They offer tubes, personal floatation devices, and Lilly pads as rentals. Moreover, they have one-bedroom bungalows if you want to spend the night near the lake. The company has pontoon boats and triton boats, among other boats, for rent. They are always open on Wednesday through Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Monday and Tuesday are always open by reservation.

The prices of the boats depend on the type of boat and its capacity plate. You have to be at least 21 years to rent their boats. Most customers have a great experience when renting their boats. They complement their staff, fair pricing, and a convenient location. However, there have been complaints of poorly maintained boat interiors reducing their rating.

8.- At The Bridge Rentals (4,2/5)

Just as the name suggests, At the bridge rentals is located below the London bridge. They are located on the water. They have new boats, pontoon Boats, and wakeboard boats for rent. You have to be 18 years or older to rent their boats. They are open daily from 9 AM to 5 PM and offer a free lake map. The size and type of the boat determine the price of renting. Fuel and sale tax is not included in the price.

You need a credit card and an identification document to reserve a boat. Additionally, you are required to pay a security deposit with a major credit card. The company is famous for having boats in good shape; however, they get a lower rating because of customer dissatisfaction due to unfair pricing.

9.- Paradise Wild Wave Boat Rentals (4,1/5)

Paradise Wild Wave Boat Rentals
Image courtesy of Paradise Wild Wave Boat Rentals

Paradise wild wave boat rental company is situated at 1685 industrial Boulevard, Lake Havasu City, AZ. They have a wide selection of ski boats, Jetskis, and Pontoon Boats. To reserve one of their boats, you do not need to pay a damage deposit. However, they require a $250.00 deposit for the anchor. This deposit is refundable if the boat is returned in good shape.

The renting price depends on the size and type of the boat. The renter is responsible for the cost of refiling the gas is not included in the renting price. Most customers have a great experience with the company. However, they have a low rating due to delayed reservations, and they don’t give any directions.

10.- Sandbar Powersports (4,1/5)

Sandbar Powersports
Image courtesy of Sandbar Powersports

Sandbar Powersports is located o 1595 countryshire Ave. Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403. They offer sunchaser Pontoon and tritoon rentals, jet ski rentals, and ski boats. They cover between $50-$100 fuel price. The fuel price is determined by the boat. The company offers only one fuel credit to one customer per day. They are open every day. However, the renters must have intermediate to advanced experience in driving watercraft for Saturday and all holidays.

The boat renting prices are determined by the size and type of the boat. The price includes life jackets. Their staff is professional, and their boats are in excellent condition. However, they have a lower ranting because of price disputes between them and the customers.

11.- Whett Rods (3,6/5)

The Whett Rods, currently known as the TechOne Rental, is located at 507 English Village, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403. They offer a selection of boats for rentals. The company opens from Monday to Saturday at 8:00 AM and closes at 5:00 PM. They are always closed on Sunday. They rent out their boats for 4 or 8 hours, and the cost of renting a boat is an average of $400-$800.

The type of boat determines the price. You have to be 18 years or older to operate the boats. They have excellent customer service when it comes to renting out their boats. Most customers give positive feedback. However, most complaints come from those who opt to buy the boats.

12.- Arizona WaterSports Rentals (3,5/5)

Arizona WaterSports Rentals
Image courtesy of Arizona WaterSports Rentals

The company is located at 655 Kiowa Avenue, Lake Havasu City, AZ, USA 86403. Their new location on the lake Havasu water is at the Bluewater casino. They carry the biggest names in the rental business, such as Carrera Jet boats, Sundancer pontoon, and VIP decliner Deck. Their fleets are new, and the company was the first to rent Yamaha’ FX-160HO’s. They provide boating instructions to the customers, and the U.S watercraft guard inspects their watercraft.

To reserve a boat, you need to pay a $50 deposit for one watercraft per day, and the company allows you to cancel the reservation three days before the reservation date. You must pay a refundable damage deposit of $500 for personal watercraft and $1000 for holidays and weekends for one watercraft rented. They accept any valid card. Customers talk of their excellent customer service; however, others have issues with their pricing.

13.- Beach Shack Rentals (3,5/5)

Beach Shack Rentals
Image courtesy of Beach Shack Rentals

Beach Shack Rentals is located on the shores of Lake Havasu near the London bridge, in Havasu city. Nicolas Rius, a famous 17x World Jet Ski Champion, owns the company.

They offer various water activities such as boats, kayaking, standup paddleboarding, and personal watercraft. They operate every day 8 AM-8 PM from March through October, and during the offseason, November through February, they operate by appointment. All cancellations should be made seven days before rental. Their customers complement their outstanding service and equipment. Despite their excellent customer service, some customers complain of poorly maintained boats.


In conclusion, Lake Havasu City is ideal for spending a holiday. If you are looking forward to having a great time in Lake Havasu, but you don’t want to buy a boat you might never use again, the listed boat rental companies will provide beat rebate services. Explore the beautiful Havasu city and make lifelong memories with your friends and family on a budget.

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