Best Boat & Yacht Rental Companies in San Diego

Best Boat & Yacht Rental Companies in San Diego

San Diego, California, USA is a nice place to live or visit if you love sea or ocean fun. This harbor city offers some pretty exciting Pacific Ocean adventures. Some of the exciting things you can do here include having a party in the ocean, a yacht or boat ride, or participating in offshore boat racing with your loved ones or pals.

Many companies here provide top-notch boat or yacht rental services. As long as you have the money and the necessary requirements, you can easily hire a boat and sail it offshore to enjoy the Pacific’s incredible adventures. Matter of fact, it doesn’t cost much to rent a boat in San Diego. With as little as $60, you can hire a nice boat and head out to the ocean to have some extraordinary mad fun.

The best part is that you don’t need a license to rent a boat, regardless of whether or not you intend to operate the vessel solo. If you plan on driving it by yourself though, you’ll require something called a “Boater Card.” It’s a lifetime card issued to boaters in California that shows that you are qualified to operate a boat.

If you have boater skills, you can apply to have this card by going to the official California boater card website and filling out the form. Here, you’ll need to provide proof of education. Documents accepted include the Boating Safety Education Certificate or DBW Course for Safe Boating Exam Certificate ID. Note: There’s a $10 application fee charged in this process.

Now, there are many types of water vessels you can rent from San Diego boat rental companies. From a simple traditional sailboat and fast-moving, Jetski/Waverunner boat to a luxurious yacht and a fully-fledged cruise ship, the list of options available is really long. Having said that, here are the TOP14 BEST YACHT CHARTER SERVICES IN SAN DIEGO IN 2022.

1.- Pacifica Sailing Charters (5/5 Stars)

Pacifica Sailing Charters is one of the best boat rental companies in San Diego, CA. The entity is conveniently located in the east parking lot of Marina Cortez (1880 Harbor Island Dr, San Diego, CA 92101). With over 20 years of industry experience, it provides memorable sailing charters and boat tours across the beautiful San Diego Bay alongside the waters surrounding the San Diego harbor, as well as the Coronado Islands.

Its prices range from $125 to $6500, depending on the type of boat you want and how many you are. You can choose from 10 different types of boats as follows:

37-Ft Ranger Race Yacht

  • Capacity: 2-6 guests.
  • Charter Price: $195-$750.

32-Ft Catamaran Boat

  • Capacity: 4-12 guests.
  • Charter Price: $125-$1250.

26-Ft Gentleman’s Launch Touring Yacht

  • Capacity: 2-6 guests.
  • Charter Price: $495-$600.

34-Ft Catalina Luxury Sailing Yacht

  • Capacity: 2-6 guests.
  • Charter Price: $150-$495.

45-Ft Luxury Power Yacht

  • Capacity: 6-12 guests.
  • Charter Price: $120/guest.

55-Ft Custom Designed Steel Hull Twin Masted Ketch

  • Capacity: 14-46 guests.
  • Charter Price: $120/guest.

65-Ft Stephen Brothers Yawl

  • Capacity: 14-27 guests.
  • Charter Price: $120/guest.

50-Ft Spacious Modern Classic Motor Yacht

  • Capacity: 24-40 guests.
  • Charter Price: $95/guest.

58-Foot Catamaran Yacht

  • Capacity: 24-48 guests.
  • Charter Price: $95/guest.

65-Ft Custom-Built Sirara Luxury Cruising Yacht

  • Capacity: Up to 120 guests.
  • Charter Price:10-25 guests($3500), 26-50 guests($5500), and 51-75 guests($6500).

Stars & Stripes USA-11 Race Boat

Capacity: 18-24 guests.

Charter Price: $2400 and above

2.- Bella Luna Yacht (5/5 Stars)

Bella Luna Yacht
Image courtesy of Bella Luna Yacht

Located at Location 1380 Harbor Island Dr c3, San Diego, CA 92101, USA is Bella Luna Yacht rental service. The company was founded by a retired law enforcement officer called Capt John Valente who acquired a Bella Luna boat for commercial charter purposes.

Bella Luna is a Coast-Guard-certified charter yacht that exceeds all your safety standards. Bought in 2015, this pleasure rental yacht has gone through a significant, 15-month transformation work done by the captain together with a team of contractors, craftsmen, and technicians. This has resulted in a perfectly remodeled, renovated, modified, and customized modern classic, a fun charter yacht that exceeds your fun, comfort, and safety expectations.

The yacht now has more deck space than a typical yacht her size or bigger, at least according to client feedback. It also offers a great sound system to blast any kind of music, taking the party on the ocean or sea to a whole new level! The boat is available for charter from 9 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week. The only disadvantage of this charter service is that their website appears to be overly pushing for tips, which is a great turn-off for many potential clients!

  • Capacity: 10-40 guests.
  • Charter Price: $1450(2 hours), $2175(3 hours), $2900(4 hours), $3625(5 hours), $4350(6 hours), $5075(7 hours), and $5800(8 hours).

3.- Samara Yacht Rental (5/5 Stars)

Samara Yacht Rental
Image courtesy of Samara Yacht Rental

Samara Yacht Rental San Diego is another great service to consider for your boat rental needs. This premier yacht rental company is located at 580 W Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101. It’s one of the best yacht charter services that will make your dream to live an epic life come true. Many customers have said they enjoyed one-of-a-kind moments plus lifelong memories, using it.

The company offers an endless selection of high standard sailing and charter options, using six different first-class yachts as follows;

50-Ft Vandutch Yacht

  • Capacity:10-30 guests.
  • Charter Price: Starting from $5950.

40-Ft Vandutch Black Yacht

  • Capacity: 6-25 guests.
  • Charter Price: Starting from $1950.

73-Ft Bonner Navigator Yacht

  • Capacity: 15-40 guests.
  • Charter Price: Starting from $3950.

The Oasis Yacht

  • Capacity: 6-20 guests.
  • Charter Price: Starting from $1950.

The Pearl Yacht

  • Capacity:6-20 guests.
  • Charter Price: Starting from $1950

Millie Graze Yacht

  • Capacity:6-20 guests.
  • Charter Price: Starting from $1950.

The company boasts high standards backed by the fact that it attracts lots of corporate clients. These include Verizon, Disney, Duracell, Goodyear, Pepsico, and Four Percent.

4.- Champagne Yacht Events (5/5 Stars)


Situated at 4980 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92106, USA, Champagne Yacht Events is another worthwhile yacht charter service. This 5-star boat rental service offers a large first-class boat known as the “Champagne Yacht” for charter. This completely remodeled, 75’ semi-custom luxury motor yacht boasts 3 spacious decks, including a large bow area. The bow area boasts a DJ setup characterized by a professional sound system and a dance floor. It’s also fitted with 2 bar areas, a top chef gourmet galley, sun pads, and a modern salon.

Passengers get free hot beverages, drinking water, ice, floaties, a personal guide, a paddleboard, etc. There are also some amazing add-ons you can enjoy at a small extra cost. These include live music, catering, seaplane, and water sports. The only disappointing bit about the company is that they take a non-refundable deposit of $1000.

  • Capacity: Up to 49 passengers.
  • Charter Price: Starting from $3300 (weekdays), and $4200 (weekends).

5.- San Diego Yacht Charter Company (5/5 Stars)

Located at 50 W Ash St Suite 1005, San Diego, CA 92101, USA, San Diego Yacht Charter service is a great way to explore San Diego Bay’s sparkling waters and picturesque sights. These include the enchanting skyline of San Diego, especially at night, and the bay bridge on Coronado Island.

The service offers a luxurious and super-clean yacht called Silverstone. This 46-foot boat pontoon boat comes with a whole load of incredible amenities. The yacht is operated by friendly staff. Passengers are assured of safety while onboard, thanks to the captain’s years of sailing experience and the boat’s safety-rated condition.

The boat comes with luxurious and super clean amenities. These include a kitchen & dining area where you can enjoy a meal while you relish the breathtaking view of the sea. There are also cozy visiting areas with first-class sofas and other furniture pieces perfect for catching up or just sitting quietly while you listen to your favorite songs or the revitalizing sound of the ocean. The boat also comes with comfortable sun pads where you can relax and take in the San Diego sun. There are also clean and comfortable master and guest bedrooms perfect for resting while you return to the land after hours of thrilling expeditions at sea.

  • Capacity: Up to 13 passengers.
  • Charter Price: $650/hour.

6.- Sail JADA Charters (5/5 Stars)

Sail JADA Charters offers an exciting and the most affordable charter boat, located at Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, 1380 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, CA 92101. The classic 65-foot yacht called “Stephen Brothers Yawl” will provide you with a uniquely smooth and enjoyable sailing experience while you relish the true romance as well as the adventure of the sea.

Considered to be one of the last great wooden sailing yachts still surviving today, this handcrafted boat can be rented for any occasion at sea. However, since it’s a simple, traditional wooden boat, it means that the vessel doesn’t come with so many cool amenities, unlike its modern counterparts. As such, it may not meet your expectations if you want a more sophisticated leisure experience at sea.

  • Capacity: Up to 30 passengers.
  • Charter Price:$140/ passenger.

7.- Yacht Rentals San Diego (5/5 Stars)

Yacht Rentals San Diego provides exclusive yacht charters for any celebration, such as a birthday party or corporate event at sea. Situated at 3918 Gresham St, San Diego, CA 92109, USA, the company offers a wide range of boats from which to select.

These include sailboats, pontoons, yachts, fishing boats, catamarans, wakeboarding boats, and more. A diverse variety and pocket-friendly rates are some of the advantages of choosing this San Diego yacht rental service. Whether you just want a simple traditional boat or a modern yacht with all the amenities of one, you can be sure that this company has got you covered.

  • Capacity: To be inquired.
  • Charter Price: To be inquired.

8.- Triton Charters (4.9/5 Stars)

Triton Charters
Image courtesy of Triton Charters

Located at 2700 Shelter Island Dr, San Diego, CA 92106, USA, Triton Charters is a well-known boat rental service with a 75-foot catamaran charter. Customers praise this large-capacity rental yacht because of its impressive amenities. For example, it boasts a 13-seater-state-of-the-art bar, an in-built waterslide, and a dance floor. It also comes with enough seating, a large flat-screen TV, and a bow trampoline for extra fun. There are also plenty of drinks both soft ones and liquor onboard. These are available at a small extra fee.

  • Capacity: 100 passengers.
  • Charter Price: between $825/hr to $2,250/hr, depending on the number of passengers.

9.- Zolna Yachts (4.9/5 Stars)

Zolna Yachts Charters and Cruises can be found at 1880 Harbor Island Dr. San Diego, Ca. 92101. This yacht charters and cruises service offers a wide fleet of water vessels for hire. These include:

Nerissa 73-Ft Luxury Charter Yacht

  • Capacity: 49 passengers.
  • Charter Price: $2237/person.

143-Ft Ultimate Mega Yacht

  • Capacity: Accommodates 12 passengers but sleeps 10 guests.
  • Charter Price: To be inquired.

60-Ft Sunchaser American Catamaran & Custom Built Sailing Catamaran

  • Capacity: 48 passengers.
  • Charter Price: To be inquired.

55-Ft Sailing Yacht

  • Capacity: 27 passengers.
  • Charter Price: To be inquired.

10.- Malarky Charters (4.9/5 Stars)

The Malarky Charters yacht that can be found at 441 Quivira Rd, San Diego, CA 92109 is another boat charter service perfect for all your ocean adventures. Besides a 35% discount on every online reservation, beautiful amenities is another reason many customers love this 47-ft, state-of-the-art ocean vessel.

For example, it features a cozy aft deck where you can enjoy the magnificent view and cool air of the sea. The deck also has a dining area with enough comfortable shaded seating complete with a large table. There’s also a starboard lounge inside the cabin. This is characterized by beautiful craftsmanship and stunning window lighting that invites you to put away all your worries alongside the pressures of life and just relax in style. The room also has comfortable lounge cushions and a coffee table where you can sit and enjoy your favorite beverage.

Other amenities include but are not limited to four state-of-the-art guest rooms, a fully-fledged kitchen, a bow with a trampoline, and a powerful Bluetooth super surround sound system.

  • Capacity: Up to 12 guests.
  • Charter Price: $1100-$2200.

11.- Mai Tai Yacht Charters (4.8/5 Stars)

Mai Tai Yacht Charters provides an extensive range of sea vessels, including a fully-fledged cruise ship, perfect for ocean or sea leisure and events in and around San Diego, CA. Located at 1880 Harbor Island Drive San Diego, CA 92101, this company offers six different yachts packed with fun amenities. The only disadvantage of it is that every charter option comes with a minimum number of hours. Here’s a rundown of each;

45-Ft Sea Ray

  • Capacity: 12 passengers.
  • Charter Price: $550/hour, 3 hours minimum.

65-Ft Luxury Cruising Yacht

  • Capacity:85 passengers.
  • Charter Price: $1200-$2500 per hour, 3 hours minimum.

158-Ft Luxury Ship

  • Capacity:600 passengers with a sit-down dining capacity for 300 passengers.
  • Charter Price: $4500 per hour, 3 hours minimum.

46-Ft Maxum

  • Capacity:12 passengers.
  • Charter Price: $550/hour, 3 hours minimum.

Mai Tai Party Pontoon Boat

  • Capacity:30 passengers.
  • Charter Price: $1000/hour, 3 hours minimum.

50-Ft Sea Ray

  • Capacity: 12 passengers.
  • Charter Price: $550/hour, 3 hours minimum.

60-Ft Catamaran

  • Capacity: 48 passengers.
  • Charter Price: $1200-$1500/hour, 3 hours minimum.

60-Ft Hatteras

  • Capacity: 13 passengers.
  • Charter Price: $550/hour, 3 hours minimum.

115-Ft Luxury Yacht

  • Capacity: 149 passengers.
  • Charter Price: $2500 per hour, 3 hours minimum.

12.- Aolani Catamaran Sailing (4.7/5 Stars)

Aolani Sailing is another top-rated yacht rental service in San Diego, CA. Situated at 1380 Harbor Island DR, San Diego, CA 92101, these guys offer an impressive range of boat rental options with a legendary sea/ocean vessel.

The Aolani Catamaran is a 58-ft catamaran that was designed by the famous catamaran designer Kurt Hughes in Seattle, WA. Serving as both a sailing yacht and a motor yacht, this magnificent vessel boasts some incredible amenities. These include 4 standard staterooms (2 double and 2 queen rooms) as well as 2 staterooms for the captain and their crew. The vessel also features a large galley, spacious interior salon with 360-degree views, ice maker, and refrigerator. The only serious disadvantage of this company is that they are discreet with their prices. For price information, you have to contact them, which can be a waste of time.

  • Capacity: 48 passengers.
  • Charter Price: To be inquired.

13.- Seaforth Boat Rentals (4.5/5 Stars)

Seaforth Boat Rentals has the largest fleet of rental boats in San Diego, CA. Notably, the company operates in two locations i.e 955 Harbor Island Drive, Ste. 200, and 1641 Quivira Rd. These addresses are both in San Diego, CA 92109.

Here are their boat and yacht options:

Jetski/ Waverunner Boat:

  • Capacity: 2 passengers.
  • Charter Price: $89 / 1 hour + 14% fuel, and $140 / 2 hours + 14% fuel.

16-Ft Powerboat

  • Capacity: 4 passengers.
  • Charter Price: from $205/2 hours + fuel.

17-Ft Vectra Powerboat

  • Capacity: 5 passengers not exceeding 800lbs.
  • Charter Price:From $230/2 hrs + fuel.

18-Ft Sylvan Powerboat

  • Capacity:8 passengers not exceeding 800lbs.
  • Charter Price: From $300/2 hrs + fuel.

19-Ft Bayliner Powerboat

  • Capacity: 10 passengers not exceeding 1200lbs.
  • Charter Price: From $355 / 2 hrs + fuel.

20-Ft Hurricane Powerboat

  • Capacity: 10 passengers not exceeding 1700lbs.
  • Charter Price: $340/2 hours + fuel.

Starcraft 20-Ft Powerboat

  • Capacity:10 passengers not exceeding 1700lbs.
  • Charter Price:$355/2hours + fuel.

Monterey 21-Ft Powerboat

  • Capacity: 10 passengers not exceeding 1700lbs.
  • Charter Price: Starting at $385.

Tritoon 25-Ft Powerboat

  • Capacity: 12 passengers
  • Charter Price: Starting from $385 + 18% fuel.

Pontoon 25-Ft Powerboat

  • Capacity: 12 passengers not exceeding 1700lbs.
  • Charter Price:$325 + 18% fuel.

Double Decker Pontoon

  • Capacity: 11 passengers not exceeding 1700lbs.
  • Charter Price: From $625.

Party Cat Charter

  • Capacity:24 passengers.
  • Charter Price: From $1200/3 hours.

Limo Boat

  • Capacity: 30 passengers.
  • Charter Price: $900/2 hours.

What many people that hire a yacht do not like is that some boat rental companies charge fuel separately for most of their packages. Also, the two locations do not have the same types of boats, which can be a bit inconvenient for many clients.

14- Chere Amie Yacht Charters (4.3/5 Stars)

Chere Amie Yacht Charter service on 1810 N. Harbor Drive San Diego, CA 92101 can be another great choice for your boat rental needs. The company offers incredible cruise packages customized for every customer. These packages are fulfilled by the 90-ft, 3-story, Chere Amie yacht that is equipped with lots of opulent features. These include a multimedia system, bar, cozy lounge areas, and 360-degree panoramic view air decks(bow/front deck, upper deck, and main level/aft deck).

  • Capacity: 140 passengers.
  • Charter Price: from $60-$80/person, or $800/hour.

San Diego is home to many yacht rental services. Whether you are planning a cocktail cruise, sunset cruise, marriage proposal, bachelor party, or bachelorette party at sea, there are many good companies from which you can hire a nice water vessel. No matter the event you are planning to have offshore, described above are the top 14 best boat rental services in San Diego worth considering.

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