Stop believing 5 myths about clean eating

Stop believing 4 myths about clean eating

Along with explosive trends in recent years such as “Minimalism”, the Clean Eating diet is mentioned as one of the most effective methods to own a balanced body and “destroy”. “The amount of fat in the body. However, is this diet only applicable when you want to lose weight? Here are the top 4 myths that people usually misunderstand about clean eating.

1.- Only clean eating is a healthy diet

Only clean eating is a healthy diet

Clean eating is an eating trend that a person pursuing will make smart choices for his food. However, a clean menu is not entirely synonymous with a healthy menu. Some suggestions for healthy menus do not prohibit the use of packaged or processed foods.

According to Harvard University, a healthy diet includes:

  • Non-fried fruits and vegetables
  • Healthy cooking oils like olive oil, sunflower oil
  • Whole-grain bread
  • Protein sources such as fish, poultry, beans, etc.
  • Water, tea, coffee contain little or no sugar

Basically, the healthy menu is not as restrictive as a clean eating diet. However, that does not mean that clean eating is harmful to health. It’s important to remember to always have a healthy attitude when consuming food and not obsess over the clean eating menu.

2.- It is necessary to cut carbs completely out of the clean eating diet to lose weight

cut carbs completely

This mindset is always one of the most negative factors affecting health when people “race” to stop completely tolerating starch into the body. But in fact, the nutrients in rice, beans, and nuts are extremely necessary for the functioning of the organs. Losing them means a lack of energy and easier burnout from activity.

With the principle of clean eating, we only remove bad, fast-absorbing starch (in white rice, white bread, potatoes) and replace it with slow-absorbing starch (in brown rice, whole grains, etc.) Yam). This is not only beneficial for weight loss but also provides enough calories needed for exercise and daily activities.

3.- A clean eating diet is better because you don’t need to care more about calories

A clean eating diet is better because you don’t need to care more about calories

Controlling calories intake is an important factor for effective weight loss. Not paying attention to them can cause a calorie deficit that makes the body not supplied with enough energy. Excess weight can also occur if you don’t control the number of calories in your diet. Although eating clean, the excess of calories still hinders the weight loss process. Therefore, you should pay attention to preparing clean eating meals according to the number of calories needed for effective weight loss.

4.- Clean eating can cure

Many therapies or folklore claim that certain foods can cure diseases. That is also the misconception of many people when implementing a clean eating mode. Although food plays an important role in improving and protecting health, the idea that disease can be cured by dieting or eating a lot of certain foods is completely wrong.

In fact, there is no research that shows that food can cure diseases without scientific treatments such as drugs or medical technology. Therefore, a clean eating diet cannot replace the role of medicine in the treatment of any disease.

5.- Exercises are not important if following a clean eating diet

10 Types of Exercise for a Healthy Heart

Diet plays an important role in weight loss. However, exercise is also essential to burn excess body fat. Being lazy to exercise will slow down the weight loss process. You should do a clean eating diet in conjunction with appropriate exercises. This habit will help speed up the weight loss process and help the body become slimmer.

Moreover, the “We are what we eat” theory asserts that how the human body develops and manifests is largely dependent on the foods we eat. Therefore, Cardio exercises of only 20 to 30 minutes a day are the perfect choice for you!


All of the above basic information about a clean eating diet has partly answered some of the common questions about this nutritional approach. Along with its outstanding and long-term advantages, the clean diet still receives conflicting arguments or unexpected results. However, to know if its effectiveness is really worthy of fame or not, give your body a chance to have the most accurate answer.

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