What are the best ingredients for clean eating?

What are the best ingredients for clean eating

Clean eating is one of the most popular scientific eating methods in the world today, it brings great benefits in health promotion and weight management. But what types of food are used to design clean-eating meals, not everyone knows, this article will reveal to you those foods.

The ingredients should be used in a clean eating diet

Brown rice

Brown rice

Brown rice is a food that contains a lot of healthy starch, especially starching with a low GI at 50 which is very good for those of you who are using the clean eating method to lose weight or keep fit.

There are currently 3 types of brown rice: black, red, and white brown rice. Of these 3 types, you can use any type, they all have the same nutritional value but the price is different. Black-brown rice has the highest price because it is very flexible and easy to eat. Many of you think that brown rice is difficult to eat but you can buy it and try it.

Whole grains

Whole Grain

Why do we use whole grains? Because most of the nutrients of grains are in the bran part of the grain, but when we eat the whole bran we will feel dry and very difficult to eat.

That’s why our rice is often closely rubbed, losing all the bran layer to become the kind of white rice we often eat. But we should not use this white rice because it is considered dead rice, without the nutritional bran and germ.

We can still use grains to design the clean eating menu but require them to have a bran layer or so-called whole grains.



Oatmeal is a food that provides a very high amount of starch and protein, widely used in Western countries. This is also a slow starch, has a low GI, and a lot of fiber to help you lose weight easier.



The chicken will be the next priority choice to supplement Protein in the clean eating menu. 100g of chicken contains up to 21g of protein, it contains very little saturated fat and bad cholesterol.

In chicken, you should give preference to using chicken breast, which will be better than other parts such as chicken thighs and meat elsewhere. Note that when using chicken meat, it is not skin-friendly and it is necessary to remove chicken fat, chicken fat contains a lot of saturated fat that is not good for the body.



Chicken or duck eggs are a rich source of Protein and the price of this food is very cheap. Each medium-sized egg contains up to 7g of Protein if the yolk is eaten.

When adding eggs to the clean eating menu, you should note that you can use egg whites in unlimited quantities, but for yolks, you should not consume more than 2 yolks a day, because the yolk contains too much cholesterol and saturated fat is not good for you who are losing weight.

Olive oil

Olive Oil

Fat is an indispensable nutritional component of the body, it is a component of cell membranes and helps to absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, K.

Olive oil is a food that helps you supplement good fats for the body. Currently, on the market, there are 2 types of olive oil: cold-pressed and hot-pressed. You should choose the cold-pressed type because if the olive is pressed under high temperature, it will lose its chemical properties, leading to it not being as good as the original.

You should use olive oil to mix with salads or drink directly and stir-fry dishes.



Another way for you to supplement your body with good fats is to use nuts such as walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds…

This is very easy to find food. You can add a few nuts to each meal, so you won’t have to worry about a lack of fat anymore. Read more about how nuts can help you lose weight.

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