50 most beautiful villages in the world

50 most beautiful villages in the world

Traveling is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world, living experiences in places far from home makes us grow as people, gives us the opportunity to see beautiful landscapes and majestic monuments, as well as the opportunity to visit beautiful cities and beautiful villages.

In the five continents, we can find wonderful villages where to spend an incredible vacation, so in this ranking, we show you the most beautiful villages in the world, a ranking where not all the beautiful places in the world are but some of the most beautiful.

Please note:

  • The aim of this ranking is to show you small charming villages, towns worthy of appearing in fairy tales, not big cities.
  • Many of these towns will not be a destination in themselves, because of their location, the town size, or the tourist services they offer; but if your tourist destination is nearby, or is on your way, they are worth a visit.
  • The ranking is not ordered from most to least beautiful, because beauty is subjective. You will have to choose for yourself which one is the most beautiful. Leave us your opinion in the comments!

Without further ado, let’s start with the list of the 50 most beautiful villages in the world.

Oia (Santorini – Greece)

Oia - Santorini - Greece - most beautiful - villages - world

Oia is probably the most beautiful and picturesque village on the Greek island of Santorini, and undoubtedly one of the most famous places in the world. The glittering domed churches and troglodytic dwellings that seem suspended in the void represent Greece to perfection and are already part of our collective imagination. Built high on the edge of the volcano crater, it has small alleys, a spectacular panoramic view, well-kept stores, nice museums, numerous art galleries, and the ruins of the Venetian fortress, giving the village of Oia a unique and fascinating character.

Oia has tried today to keep its attractiveness intact, thus avoiding mass tourism. Nevertheless, on the main street, there are many luxury stores and jewelry stores … and despite this, the attraction of the past is perceived in the air, and also from Oia you can enjoy an absolutely unique view over the bay and the volcano.

Visit the official Santorini tourism website.

Chora (Folegandros – Greece)

Folegandros - Greece - Most beautiful villages in the world
Image courtesy of flickr.com

Folegandros is a small island 12 kilometers long and 4 (7 x 2.5 miles) wide that is part of the Cyclades islands.

Folegandros has everything the visitor is looking for from the Greek islands: whitewashed houses, blue-painted doors and windows, and dreamy little beaches with hardly any bathers. This piece of land in the middle of the Aegean has become our personal little paradise.

Chora is the most picturesque and touristic village of Folegandros and the one with the highest concentration of cafes, restaurants, and hotels. However, it is all very gracefully done and for the size of the island, there is no feeling of overcrowding or overwhelm, even in August (high tourist season).

The oldest and most authentic area is the Kastro, the old town center which is accessed from the town square. It consists of three streets full of old houses whitewashed in white and with blue-colored windows and railings.

Visit the official Folegandros tourism website.

Mykonos (Greece)

Mykonos - Greece - Most beautiful villages in the world

Known for being one of the most touristic islands in the world, the island of Mykonos is located in the center of the Cyclades archipelago, and although for many travelers it is synonymous with parties and glamor, we assure you that the island also hides great wonders such as paradisiacal beaches, charming villages with white facades, unforgettable sunsets, photogenic churches with touches of azure blue and famous windmills, among many others.

Mykonos Town is the nerve center and capital of the island. The atmosphere is spectacular and every corner of the town is beautiful. Its labyrinthine streets, white facades, stores, churches … and of course, the windmills!

Visit the official Mykonos tourism website.

Popeye Village (Malta)

Popeye Village - Malta - Most beautiful villages in the world

Popeye’s Village is located in Anchor Bay, northwest of Malta, near the town of Mellieha, and is one of the great attractions of the island of Malta, to the delight of the young and old.

Also known as “Sweethaven Village” is an ideal place to spend a family vacation, a real amusement park dedicated to one of the most famous cartoon characters in history: Popeye, that sailor who made himself invincible by eating spinach, created by Walt Disney in 1929 that became so popular over several decades and excited several generations of children.

A visit to Popeye’s amusement park is an ideal occasion to admire one of the best places on the island for scuba diving, Anchor Bay, with its crystal-clear waters that attract thousands of divers from all over the world every year.

Popeye’s Village is actually a movie set for the film “Popeye” made by Robert Altman and starring Robin Williams in 1980. The set, created by Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney Productions, later became an open-air museum and amusement park. It consists of 19 wooden buildings built in 1979 located in Sweethaven, facing the sea, simulating a typical American town of the ’20s. They even built a huge dyke in Anchor Bay to protect the place from the force of the sea.

In Popeye’s Village, you can do a myriad of activities. You can ride any of the park’s many attractions, stroll through the village, discover the different buildings, take a boat ride on the bay and take pictures of the village from afar, attend a documentary about the movie filmed in the 80s, as well as attend numerous shows and participate in multiple activities. In addition, there are other seasonal activities that are also very successful, such as the swimming pools, trampolines or boat rides during the summer, or the Christmas parades.

Although the amusement park is a bit old, Popeye’s village is worth a visit for its curious houses, its location at the top of Anchor Bay, a place of great beauty, for its crystal clear waters, and for the many entertainment and fun activities for children.

Visit the official Popeye’s Village tourism website.

Hallstatt (Austria)

Hallstatt - Austria - Most beautiful villages in the world

The small town of Hallstatt is one of the most typical images of Austria and has earned by its own merits the title of “Most beautiful village on a lake” as well as “Most beautiful village in Austria” and this beautiful town has been a World Heritage Site since 1997. With these precedents, it is essential to make a visit if we are visiting Austria and enjoy its beauty.

Hallstatt belongs to the Salzkammergut region, known as the lake region as there are more than 700 lakes in the area, and is located 289 km (179 miles) southwest of Vienna, and 73 km (45 miles) southeast of Salzburg.

The best way to visit Hallstatt is by strolling through its narrow streets, admiring the facades of the houses with their balconies full of flowers, enjoying its cozy cafes and restaurants, or doing some shopping in their craft stores.

The whole town is a delight but among its highlights is Marktplatz Square, surrounded by beautiful houses and in the middle of which we find its famous stone fountain. Next to it, we can see the Lutheran Church whose high bell tower towering over the rest of the buildings is the most photographed image of Hallstatt.

Visit the official Hallstatt tourism website.

Vernazza (Cinque Terre – Italy)

Vernazza - Italy - Most beautiful villages in the world

Vernazza is one of the villages of “Cinque Terre” (Unesco World Heritage Site). Vernazza is perched on the coast at the end of the Vernazzola torrent, which, like a covered watercourse today, flows into the sea, and which unfortunately sometimes resurfaces when the floods recrudesce and sweep away the fishing village. Every time it happens, the solidarity action of numerous Italian artists repaints the facades of Vernazza.

The main building of Vernazza, with respect to the Belforte tower, is the church of Santa Margherita di Antiochia, which stretches its body without being intimidated by the two hills that seem to overwhelm it. The tall octagonal bell tower is crowned by a tower of almost forty meters that we can distinguish from almost anywhere. Its sober but cozy interior cannot silence the sound of the sea.

At the top of Vernazza, we find the keep, which marks the point where the walls that protected the village once stood.

The seafaring atmosphere is palpable with the presence of a small port with its ramp where small boats used to go up to the main square, where arches, loggias, and portals still recall its past. Today the square is full of people, who, equipped with ice cream, drinks, and focaccias, sit like tiny figures in a painting of colored houses.

Vernazza like the other villages of Cinque Terre (Monterosso al Mare, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore) in Liguria, is connected by the regional train line that runs from Genoa to La Spezia with continuous departures. Although there is a road it is not advisable to arrive because the access to the village is restricted, there is no space or parking so you should avoid this possibility.

Visit the official Cinque Terre tourism website.

Manarola (Cinque Terre – Italy)

Manarola - Italy - Most beautiful villages in the world

Manarola is the penultimate village that makes up the Cinque Terre on foot from north to south, after having visited Monterosso, Vernazza, and Corniglia, just before reaching Riomaggiore.

What characterizes Manarola is its liveliness, its fantastic restaurants, and its architectural beauty: so many colorful houses nestled in the stone, which the poet Lino Crovara well describes as “A beehive in the rock, a nest of seagulls high above the waves, a village where the slight whisper of the waves caresses the attentive ears of the soul”. Words that really touch our senses as we find ourselves there.

Manarola is a perfect destination to enjoy the summer in Italy, it is even one of the best towns to make a base to visit Cinque Terre. Manarola also has a beautiful natural pool of stones, with a blue color that invites you to take a dip. Bathing here will be a pleasure in the summer period and they show beautiful objects as colorful and nice as the town itself.

Its main attraction is its streets, getting lost walking through its colorful alleys is very pleasant and relaxing, besides they are not very difficult to walk, within everyone’s reach.

The village has a main street, called “Via di Mezzo” where you will find numerous restaurants, bars, and stores of local artisans and artists who sell and display beautiful objects as colorful and friendly as the village itself.

You can arrive by train or ferry. Arriving at Manarola by train, you must cross a small gallery that connects the station with the village.

San Gimignano (Italy)

San Gimignano - Italy - Most beautiful villages in the world

San Gimignano is a beautiful village that has become one of the must-see tourist attractions on a trip to Tuscany, Italy.

San Gimignano is located halfway along a tourist route through Tuscany, between Florence and Siena, specifically, an hour’s drive from each of these cities. It is a small village surrounded by a wall, with narrow pedestrian streets where cars cannot enter.

The origins of San Gimignano date back to the twelfth century when it had a great boom precisely because it was on the road to Rome.

As you walk along its main street, Via Diacceto, you should look at each of the houses and corners of the village, it is full of mansions, but also craft stores and souvenir stores.

Finally, you will reach the two central squares of San Gimignano, the Duomo, and the Cisterna, where most of the 13 towers that stand like medieval skyscrapers are concentrated.

They are towers built in stone, each one higher than the next, as this was the aim of the rival families that built them during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

In Piazza del Duomo are the Collegiate Church, a 12th-century Romanesque church, where you can see numerous frescoes, and the Palazzo del Popolo, a former town hall dating back to 1288.

On the other hand, Piazza Della Cisterna is the true nerve center of San Gimignano, and in the same square is the well that gives it its name.

San Gimignano is located 60 kilometers south of the city of Florence and can be reached by car in about an hour. From Pisa, it will take you an hour and a half, and from Siena, the other major Tuscan city, it will take you 40 minutes.

Visit the official San Gimignano tourism website.

Alberobello (Italy)

Alberobello - Italy - Most beautiful villages in the world

Alberobello is a pretty village in the Italian region of Apulia, in the southeast of Italy (in the heel of Italy).

What makes Alberobello one of the most important tourist destinations in southern Italy are its “Trullo“, white cylindrical buildings with conical stone roofs. These houses make it look like a fairy-tale town, as their beauty is almost unreal. In addition to the Trulli, walking through its narrow streets, visiting its interesting museums and its craft stores, or typical gastronomy, are its main tourist activities.

The most picturesque areas of Alberobello are those composed mainly of Trulli, more than a thousand of them. One of these areas is called “Rione Monti” and consists of small and narrow streets with elevated slopes crossed by other wider streets on the slopes. It is a very picturesque area and offers many very attractive points of view both from a distance and up close.

The people in Rione Monti are very friendly and their vendors will try to show you their handicrafts: ceramics, snowballs with Trulli inside, terracotta whistles, and countless other souvenirs.

Many of the Trulli in Rione Monti are small bars and restaurants where you can taste exquisite local wines accompanied by local cheeses, cured meats, and olives. Some of these places have terraces where you can admire the panorama of the village from above.

The best time of the year to visit Alberobello is: all year round! Keep in mind that during the months of July and August it is very hot. During the winter it can snow although it is unlikely, and the hotel and restaurant offer is less, but in general, you will be able to visit the whole town without problems.

In our opinion, the months of May and September are the best months to visit Italy. The weather is almost perfect, with fewer tourists (compared to July and August), hotel prices are usually more convenient.

In December Alberobello becomes a life-size nativity scene, with lights, music, Christmas markets, and many tourists. It is a pleasure to visit during the Christmas holidays.

Alberobello can be visited in one day and is an excellent tourist destination if you are in Bari, Matera, or in the beautiful city of Lecce.

Visit the official Alberobello tourism website.

Buran Island (Italy)

Buran Island - Italy - Most beautiful villages in the world

Buran is one of the islands of the archipelago of the Venetian Lagoon and its visit is highly recommended when visiting Venice. The island is located north of Venice, very close to Torcello.

You can easily reach Buran from Venice by public transport: vaporetto line LN from Fondamenta Nuove or San Zaccaria. It will take you about 45 minutes to get there from Venice. To visit Buran only one or two hours are necessary, as it is a very small island.

Buran is famous for its colorful houses. The locals are obliged to paint their facades every few years. There is a legend that the houses are colored because sailors painted them that way to reach them on foggy days.

When deciding what to see in Buran it would not be necessary to specify different points of interest, since something as simple as walking around the island to enjoy its magical atmosphere is the best of the activities.

Visit the official Buran Island tourism website.

Positano (Italy)

Positano - Italy - Most beautiful villages in the world

Positano is perhaps the best known and one of the most beautiful villages of the Amalfi Coast, an area declared a World Heritage Site. Located about 60 km from Naples, it is a beautiful pastel-colored village, which attracts year after year many tourists.

The main tourist attraction to see in Positano are its streets, narrow and beautiful alleys dotted with pretty stores selling handicrafts, soaps, and limoncello.

Positano is called the town of stairs because of the dozens of steps that must be descended to reach the area where the beaches are located. One of the most beautiful streets is the one that goes down from Piazza dei Mulini to the Church of Santa Maria dell’Assunta, which dates back to 1200 and is world-famous for its dome decorated in majolica with green and yellow colors.

The best views of Positano are from Via Cristoforo Colombo, from the pool terrace of Hotel Le Sirenuse, and from Franco’s Bar, located right next to the hotel.

Visit the official Positano tourism website.

Tobermory (Isle of Mull – Scotland)

Tobermory - Isle of Mull - Scotland - Most beautiful villages in the world

Tobermory is the capital of the island of Mull, in Scotland. It is a picturesque fishing port with colorful houses and slate roofs that are reflected in the waters of the sea.

The town is tiny, with less than 800 inhabitants, but has an undeniable charm and photogenic. One of the things you will enjoy most is strolling along the harbor, surrounding the bay while admiring the colors of Tobermory with the fishing boats and small boats.

This charming corner of the island of Mull has plenty of attractions: cute stores where you can buy local products, a few pubs and restaurants serving excellent fish and seafood, and a lively nightlife, plus a famous whiskey distillery.

Visit the official Tobermory tourism website.

Portree (Isle of Skye – Scotland)

Portree - Isle of Skye - Scotland - Most beautiful villages in the world

Portree is the largest village on the Isle of Skye, in the north of Scotland, and is an ideal place to stop and enjoy nature and tranquility. Its beautiful harbor located in front of its characteristic colorful houses has given this location an unmistakable landscape.

In the 19th century, Portree began to be known as the business center of Skye, as it had convenient access for steamships departing from Glasgow. It was during this period that the town began to take on more tourist prominence, becoming the busy region it is today. In fact, the number of tourists has become so large that the city’s occupancy doubles during the high season.

To get to Portree by public transport, the bus is the only option, with direct departures from cities like Glasgow, Inverness, or Fort William, which greatly facilitates your trip. In case you want to approach Portree by car, you will have to go by the A87 road, passing through the island of Eilean Bàn across the Skye Bridge. You can also take a ferry from Mallaig, Lochmaddy, or Tarbert.

Portree serves as a great base from which to settle down to visit the rest of the island. That is why there you will find all kinds of establishments, such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, and stores.

Walking along the street that runs along the port is Quay Street where you will find the characteristic colorful houses, now occupied by stores, hotels, and restaurants, stroll along Bank Street, the main street, hiking trails such as The Lump or Scorrybreac, are some of the main things to do in the area.

Visit the official Isle of Skye tourism website.

Bibury (England)

Bibury - England - Most beautiful villages in the world

Bibury is considered one of the prettiest villages in England. Described by William Morris as “the prettiest village in the Cotswolds”, it is located next to the River Coln, another of the attractions of this small village, which makes it an ideal place to spend a relaxing day in the English countryside.

Arlington Row, the most beautiful street of Bibury, is a group of old cottages, from the sixteenth century, with very steep roofs, which have become over the years in the most famous enclave not only of the village, if not the Cotswolds, as it is one of the most photographed scenes of this area of the country.

Bibury has been the setting for films such as Stardust and Bridget Jones’s Diary, something that makes this set even better known than it was when it was named the most beautiful village in England.

The best way to get to Bibury is by car, although if you want to arrive by public transport, you can do it with bus line number 855 departing from Northleach.

Visit the official Bibury tourism website.

Staithes (England)

Staithes - England - Most beautiful villages in the world

Stories of mythical seafarers on every corner, the smell of saltpeter, the streets with colorful houses with colorful facades that go down to the port, which was one of the largest on the northeast coast of England.

In Staithes, everything revolves around the sea and its heroes: the legendary Captain Cook spent several years here, and his figure will accompany you almost in every corner of Staithes, from the Captain Cook Inn to traditional restaurants such as Cleveland Corner, where they will show you why the fish and seafood of this area is so famous throughout the country. Yummy!

Visit the official Staithes tourism website.

Tenby (Wales)

Tenby - Wales - Most beautiful villages in the world
Image courtesy of https://www.fbmholidays.co.uk/

Tenby, one of the main tourist spots in Wales is located on the Pembrokeshire coast, 80 kilometers from Swansea.

One of the main characteristics that stand out in Tenby, besides its 4 kilometers of sandy beaches, is the magic of its historic center. Picturesque houses are full of life where stores coexist with restaurants of all kinds.

Its best beaches are Castle Beach, with clean soft sands and crystal clear waters, and has a spectacular view if the weather is good. North Beach, is surrounded by restaurants, pubs, and everything you might need to spend a good day at the beach, and in the summer season you can even get a cart that sells ice cream on the sand; and South Beach, south of the city, which has a mile and a half long and is a perfect beach for the family, with many stores, hotels, pubs, and cafes.

Visit the official Tenby tourism website.

Wengen (Switzerland)

Wengen - Switzerland - Most beautiful villages in the world

Wengen is a beautiful Swiss village located within the boundaries of the Bernese Oberland, in the canton of Bern. The mountain peaks can be seen up close because it is at an altitude of 1274 meters above sea level, and from their valleys, it is worthwhile to look up and feel embraced by the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau mountains.

Of course, such landscapes, so much peace, so much pure air, should be part of a tourist circuit, and in this case, it is part of the Jungfrau, which is also part of the World Heritage of Unesco.

The quiet pace of life of its barely 1,300 inhabitants changes abruptly in the winter season when there are up to 10,000 tourists strolling through the streets and enjoying the many sports that can be practiced in the snow.

The tranquility of this village is guaranteed because there are no cars or roads passing nearby. To reach this Swiss paradise you can take the cog railway that has been operating since 1893 and leaves from Lauterbrunnen. However, to move within Wengen there are some electric cabs.

Visit the official Wengen tourism website.

Gruyères (Switzerland)

Gruyeres - Switzerland - Most beautiful villages in the world

The small Swiss village of Gruyères, famous for the production of the cheese of the same name, is located in the canton of Fribourg, 66 kilometers from the capital of Switzerland, Bern.

It has one of the most beautiful views of Switzerland due to its location on top of a small hill. If you are traveling in the area we encourage you to go there. Whether you are cheese lovers or not, a visit to this small medieval town is highly recommended. Before arriving at the village you will see on top of a small hill one of the most beautiful castles in the country, not only for its shape but also for its privileged location.

If you travel by car you will be pleasantly surprised, just at the entrance of the village, there are several parking lots, free of charge. There you can leave the car as long as you want, without being aware of the parking meter.

The main street is the Rue de Bourg, which looks more like a square. This street with ornate medieval houses full of flower pots houses a multitude of restaurants serving Gruyère cheese raclettes as it could not be otherwise. At the end of this street, you will find the Gruyères Castle, built in the thirteenth century, one of the main tourist attractions of the village; it is worth going up to the castle and down the other side of the hill to enjoy beautiful views of the surroundings and the exterior of the building.

Other tourist attractions in Gruyères are the Tibet Museum, the HR Giger Museum, or a visit to the Maison Cailler, the chocolate factory a few kilometers from the village.

Visit the official Gruyères tourism website.

Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland)

Lauterbrunnen - Switzerland - Most beautiful villages in the world
Image courtesy of https://switzerland-tour.com/

If you want to travel to Switzerland to experience the magic of the Alps you can not miss Lauterbrunnen. To arrive in Lauterbrunnen is to discover the Swiss Alps, its charms, its natural beauty, its wooden chalets, its green meadows, and the warmth of its people.

To get to Lauterbrunnen the fastest and easiest way is from Bern by car, although you can also get there by public transport, bus or train. To arrive by car we must make a journey of almost 70 kilometers for a time of approximately one hour. On this journey, you can see really amazing landscapes, which will make this route an unforgettable experience.

When you arrive you will find the surreal view of a beautiful village surrounded by waterfalls between endless walls and high mountain peaks. The 72 waterfalls that you will find in Lauterbrunnen are the ones that give the place its name since in German it means “many springs”. The beauty of the valley is unparalleled, which is why visiting Lauterbrunnen is a must on your trip to Switzerland. The Staubbach Waterfalls and the Trummelbach Waterfalls are special because of their particular characteristics.

Visit the official Lauterbrunnen tourism website.

Gengenbach (Germany)

Gengenbach - Germany - Most beautiful villages in the world
Image courtesy of yoursecrettravel.com

Gengenbach is located in southern Germany, in the Black Forest, halfway between Baden-Baden and Freiburg. It belongs to the District of Ortenau, in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

The general appearance of Gengenbach is like a fairy tale, everything is very well preserved and well cared for; its walls, access gates to the city, and medieval watchtowers. Inside a maze of cobblestone streets, with colorful half-timbered houses. It is ideal for a relaxed stroll; there are three main streets: Hauptstraße, Adlergasse, and Victor-Kretz-Straße, from which there are alleys that can only be explored on foot or by bike.

Among others, the main attractions to visit in Gengenbach are the Kinzigtor arch or Upper Gate Tower, with its characteristic clock and bell tower; Marktplatz or Market Square, where it would not be strange to find a flea market, and from where you can contemplate the striking facade of the Rathaus (Town Hall), which boasts of being itself the largest Advent Calendar in the world, as its 24 windows represent the 24 days of the countdown to Christmas.

Undoubtedly, if not the most beautiful, Gengenbach is one of the most beautiful villages in Germany.

Visit the official Gengenbach tourism website.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber (Germany)

Rothenburg ob der Tauber - Germany - Most beautiful villages in the world

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, in the state of Bavaria, is one of the most beautiful and famous towns in Germany and one of the main icons of the Romantic Road.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber “Red Fortress on the Tauber” is not actually a village, but a small town of just 10,000 inhabitants.

You don’t need too much time to visit Rothenburg; a one-day visit will suffice. Among other places not to be missed are the Gallow-Gate, the old gateway to the city. Rothenburg’s old town preserves some magnificent 14th-century city walls, so once through the magnificent gate, we suggest a walk along with them in a southerly direction at least as far as the Röder-Tower.

Continue your visit to the Spital-Bastion, a defensive bastion from 1586, from this point head towards the main street Spitalgasse where you will reach Plönlein, the most photographed place in Rothenburg. This charming intersection, with the Sieber-Tower on the left and the Kobolzeller-Tower on the right, even serves as a cover image for many German travel guides.

Then head to the Marktplatz, Rothenburg’s huge Market Square, which is one of the oldest places in town where you can see the beautiful and imposing Rathaus (Town Hall), with its late 16th-century Renaissance facade. The other notable building is the Ratsherrntrinkstube with its Clock Tower. Burggarten (the Castle Gardens), the church of St. Jakobskirche, Markus-Tower, Weisser-Tower, Klingentor tower, or simply enjoy a coffee at Marktplatz while contemplating its beautiful half-timbered houses and the calm traffic of tourists and locals, are other things we can not miss in Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

Visit the official Rothenburg ob der Tauber tourism website.

Cochem (Germany)

Cochem - Germany - Most beautiful villages in the world

There may be no more enchanting scene in Germany than the charming little town of Cochem, surrounded by forests and vineyards by the waters of the Moselle River.

Cochem is situated in the valley of the Moselle River, in a privileged location surrounded by a unique landscape. Despite being a small town, it has many interesting places to visit, but the main ones are two: the Reichsburg Castle and the historic center.

Reichsburg Castle is a fortress built in the 10th century. It was built on top of the hill to better protect itself from invaders. The keep stands out, with walls more than a meter and a half wide and a thousand years of history.

The historic center of the city is a tour of beautiful streets and alleys between old half-timbered houses and colorful. The historic center of Cochem highlights Marktplatz (market square), the town hall, the Capuchin monastery, the mustard mill, and the church of St. Martin.

You can also take boat trips on the Moselle River, from where you can have a beautiful view of the town, the castle and the natural environment of the place. It’s worth it!

Visit the official Cochem tourism website.

Mortsund (Lofoten Island – Norway)

Mortsund - Lofoten Island - Norway Most beautiful villages in the world

Mortsund is one of the most beautiful villages in Norway. To get to know the most beautiful town in Norway you have to take a long route since it is not located in the continental part of the country, but in the remote Lofoten Islands, in the Arctic. But getting there is worth it because the town of Mortsund is of a beauty that you can not miss.

Mortsund is located south of the island of Vestvagoy, near the central part of the archipelago. It is a place with difficult access in winter, as the ice invades it, and the bad weather and lack of light make it difficult to visit. However, when the good weather comes, the colors shine under the sun and create a perfect image of the village.

This season of the year is when the red color of the painted houses, the blue of the sky, and the intense green of the sea shine in a spectacular way and exalt the particular beauty of Mortsund.

Something peculiar about this town is that there are no hotels or similar accommodation, but many of its red houses can be rented, all of them in typical Norwegian style and exquisitely equipped. In the possible packs that you can hire, offers are included to do some sport, such as fishing or canoeing.

To get to Mortsund or the village of Reine, the next on our list, the distance to the mainland today is easily bridged thanks to the flights that take off from Oslo to the island; or if you want to get there by car, take your car on a ferry that sails from Skrova on the mainland to the port of Svolvaer on the island. From here to Mortsund there are about 77 kilometers of road through a very special landscape, semi-desert and beautiful, which has a great attraction.

Visit the official Lofoten Island tourism website.

Reine (Lofoten Island – Norway)

Reine - Lofoten Island - Norway Most beautiful villages in the world
Image courtesy of Booking.com

Reine is another of the most beautiful villages in Norway, it is located only 65km from Mortsund, its environment is a perfect idyll of mountains, cliffs, fjords, and typical red houses that make it look like a real beauty.

The mountain scenery, the sea, and blue skies, the red wooden cabins that are arranged on the water’s edge and scattered around the village of Reine, provide a precious snapshot of this very special destination.

These huts are called Rorbu and are the typical fishermen’s huts that have always existed here. But now, with the massive influx of visitors, they are also rented to spend a night here, as in Mortsund. The truth is that the experience is worth it and it is a tremendously cozy place.

Among other things, in Reine, it is traditional to visit the open-air cod driers, visit the rorbuers, take pictures of the mountains reflected in the sea, walk through such a beautiful landscape, enjoy the trekking, climb to the top of the mountain Reinebringen, where you will find a panoramic view of the Lofoten Islands that will leave you speechless.

Mont Saint Michel (France)

Mont Saint Michel - France - Most beautiful villages in the world

Mont Saint Michel is one of the most visited places in France and, of course, the great jewel of Normandy tourism. Even if you have not been to Mont Saint Michel, you will surely have seen it in dozens of photographs and you will have found it a fantastic place.

Mont Saint Michel stands on a hill or mound surrounded by seawater on one side and land on the other, although occasionally it is completely covered by the tide and becomes an island. The bay lands surrounding the hill are completely flat and there are no buildings or notable landforms around it, so Mont Saint Michel stands out from far away on the horizon. The mountain is crowned by the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel and at the foot of it stands a small village with the main street and a few alleys.

The whole village and its ramparts can be visited free of charge. In total, just over 40 people live there permanently, a quarter of them monks or nuns. Paradoxically, on a high season day up to 20,000 tourists may have set foot on Mont Saint Michel. In the village, we will find 5 hotels, almost a dozen bars or restaurants, numerous souvenir or craft stores, and a small museum.

Inside you can walk along the main street to the Abbey gate or climb the wall to border it on the outside. It is a more tiring option and a little more difficult, so we recommend doing this downhill. The views from the viewpoints are breathtaking, so it is something not to be missed.

To visit Mont Saint Michel you should take a minimum of 3 hours. If you arrive by car, the parking lot is about 2.5km away, and from there a free shuttle bus will take you to the vicinity of the wall.

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Colmar (France)

Colmar - France - Most beautiful villages in the world
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Colmar is the capital of Alsace, a beautiful place considered one of the most beautiful villages in Europe. An ideal destination for traveling with family, as a couple, or with friends and is the best base camp for a tour of all the villages of Alsace.

Colmar is located in the east of France, very close to the border with Germany and Switzerland. So, to visit Colmar and in general, all the Alsace, if you want to arrive by plane, you will have to fly to the airport of Basel Mulhouse Fribourg, which is 40 minutes from Colmar; or to the Baden Baden Airport a little further from Colmar, 1 hour and 40 minutes. The best way to get around Alsace is by car, so if you are flying, it would be a good idea to rent a car at the airport; the car will give you more autonomy to visit Colmar and the different villages of the region.

This city enchants with its colorful facades and half-timbered houses in the old town; they call it La Petite Venise or Little Venice because in Colmar there is a neighborhood of colorful houses on the banks of the river Launch, which has become one of the most essential places to visit in Colmar. In addition, at Christmas, Colmar is filled with flea markets and all the streets are decorated with lights and Christmas motifs that will make you feel like in a fairy tale.

And what to do in Colmar? Among other things, you can stroll through La Petite Venise, walk along the Rue des Marchands, the most famous and photogenic street in the city, walk through the Place de l’Ancienne Douane, which has in the center a sculpture by Auguste Bartholdi and is the most beautiful square in Colmar, visit St. Martin Church, visit Unterlinden Museum, visit the Christmas Markets if you visit the town at Christmas, visit the Pfister House, built in 1537, or visit the Maison des Tetes.

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Simiane-la-Rotonde (France)

Simiane La Rotonde - France - Most beautiful villages in the world
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Magnificent little village perched on a hill surrounded by lavender fields, located between Lure, Ventoux, and Luberon, close to the Provencal Colorado. Classified as a “cité de caractère”, the village has a rich historical heritage and will make you discover some very beautiful architectural curiosities dating from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

The castle of Simiane-la-Rotonde (or castle of Agoult) is a castle overlooking the village of Simiane-la-Rotonde, of which remain standing the manor house and the Homage Tower called Rotonde, which gives its name to the village. This tower houses a great hall which is one of the most astonishing achievements of Provençal Romanesque art.

What to do in Simiane-la-Rotonde? Visit the Rotonde, the homage tower of the medieval castle, the bell tower of Saint-Jean, the church of Sainte-Victoire, covered market, private mansions, and shops in the old village, music festival, handicrafts: ceramics, paintings, sculptures. Recommended activities: hiking, guided tour of the village.

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Beynac-et-Cazenac (France)

Beynac-et-Cazenac - France - Most beautiful villages in the world
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Beynac et Cazenac, a medieval village frozen in time, is one of the most spectacular places to see if you are making a route through the Dordogne. All its beauty with its little stone houses with tiled roofs, its windows with shutters, and the combination with the green and the rock come to this day from 1115.

Beynac et Cazenac is located 10 km southwest of Sarlat la Caneda, on the banks of the Dordogne River in the Aquitaine region. Its location on the banks of the river, the lush forests of the Perigord Noir that surround it, and its stone houses and slate roofs in the shadow of an imposing medieval castle make Beynac a really special place and a must if you visit the Dordogne.

The village has been classified with the prestigious seal of quality of “Les plus beaux villages” of France or what is the same as one of the most beautiful villages in France.

When you arrive in the village, you will find several parking lots where you can leave your car, and from there you can visit the village and stroll through the winding cobblestone streets of Beynac that have managed to keep the charm of a medieval village in harmony with the environment.

The castle of Beynac, one of the best-preserved and beautiful in the region, was built at the beginning of the 11th century. From the top of its towers, you can contemplate one of the best panoramic views of the valley and, personally, one of the most beautiful landscapes in France.

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Bled (Slovenia)

Bled - Slovenia - Most beautiful villages in the world

Bled is a town in Slovenia, located about 55km north of Ljubljana, the capital of the country, and has barely 5,000 inhabitants; it is easily accessible from Ljubljana by car, just take the E61 highway north.

The town itself is nothing special, but if every year hundreds of tourists come here it is because it has something different. And that something different is the lake of Bled; a glacial lake located at the foot of the Julian Alps. The beauty of the lake itself should be enough to attract the traveler, but what has given real notoriety to the place is the unique location of its church in the middle of the crystal clear waters and its castle on top of the rocks.

Once in Bled, you can take a stroll through the village to start with, although it doesn’t really have much charm. What brings tourists there is, above all, the lake, so it is advisable to go directly there and take a boat to the island of Bled, where the Church of the Assumption is located.

If you like walking, the best thing to do in Bled is to take a circular walk along the entire shore of the lake. It will not take you more than a couple of hours and it is the only way not to miss any detail of this beautiful place.

Another thing you can do is to visit the Bled Castle (Blejski grad) which is located on a cliff 130 meters high and its origin dates back to 1011. Inside are an old Gothic chapel of the sixteenth century and a museum where armor, weapons, antique furniture, and jewelry that belonged to the first Slavs settled in the city are exposed. To get to the castle can be done walking (there are three well-marked and steep routes) or by car, where parking is free.

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Gasadalur (Faroe Islands, Denmark)

Gasadalur - Faroe Islands - Denmark - Most beautiful villages in the world

The village of Gasadalur is located on the islands of Vagar (Faroe Islands). It is located 53 km from the capital Torshavn, and the nearest airport is about 12 km away.

It must be said that the Faroe Islands are a spectacle of nature in itself, and any town, village, or hamlet has a special beauty. Well-known stone crags such as Drangarnir, between the islet of Tindhólmur and the island of Vágar; Kaldbaksbotnur, on the island of Streymoy; the small town of Haldarsvík is located on the northeast coast of Streymoy; or Torshavn which is the capital located on the island of Streymoy are places worth visiting.

Gasadalur is surrounded by pure nature, vegetation, and mountain cliffs, and the main tourist attraction has the spectacular waterfall of Mulafossur. A village on the only flat surface on the tip of an island lost in the Atlantic, surrounded by an amphitheater of hills and on the edge of a cliff of 150 meters. On those same rocks, a waterfall ran like an enchanted spirit, to crash in death of foam against the rough sea and gave the village a touch of fable.

The village of Gasadalur is a semi-abandoned village that until February 2003 was the last settlement in the Faroe Islands not accessible by road. Government officials had been debating for decades whether or not it was justified to spend millions of dollars to drill a tunnel to connect a village with barely a dozen people to the rest of the country. In the end, the tunnel was built, and Gasadalur’s magical isolation ended.

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Peñiscola (Spain)

Peniscola - Spain - Most beautiful villages in the world

Peñiscola is located in the north of the Valencian Community, in the east of Spain. Peñiscola has recently been awarded as one of the most beautiful towns in Spain.

Peñiscola stretches about 5km along the coast offering its tourists spectacular beaches, being a perfect sun and beach destination; but what makes it on this list is the Old Town, dominated by the Papa Luna Castle. Everything there is to see in Peñíscola at a patrimonial level is there, but we must not forget its beaches, delicious gastronomy, in which all kinds of paellas and rice dishes, seafood, and fresh fish predominate; as well as a magnificent natural environment perfect for water sports or hiking.

The old city of Peñíscola was built in the 13th century on the remains of the disappeared Arab citadel. Over time the complex was delimited by walls from three periods: medieval, Renaissance, and 18th-century. We recommend you to stroll through the old town, making a tourist route that starts at the Portal de Sant Pere, built in the 15th century, and from here you will walk almost always by the sea, bordering the walls.

During the tour, you will find different points of interest. The first is El Bufador, which is a huge hole in the rocks, under the houses themselves, where the sea usually blows. Following the walk you will find the Museu de la Mar (free entrance); continuing you will find the curious Casa de les Petxines, a house whose facade is completely covered with shells; a couple of streets up, up some flights of stairs, you will find the lighthouse, built in 1892, which although it can not be visited, around it there are several spectacular viewpoints. The next point of interest, just behind the lighthouse, is the Papa Luna Castle; further on you will find the Artillery Park, a military fort from the 16th century, with tunnels, moats, etc., today it is a botanical garden where you can take a pleasant walk. And there are still a few more points of interest to see. Discover them for yourself!

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Morella (Spain)

Morella - Spain - Most beautiful villages in the world

Morella is located just 1-hour drive from our previous destination, Peñiscola, in the east of Spain, in the north of the Valencian Community. This medieval jewel of Castellón province will make you fall in love with its imposing castle, its spectacular old town, hiking trails for all ages, and its delicious gastronomy. We are convinced that Morella will captivate you.

Morella belongs, on its own merits, to the association of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Founded on a rock in the shape of a truncated cone, this fantastic medieval walled town is full of corners capable of captivating the traveler with its charms or with the stones that ooze history from every pore.

And, what to see in Morella? If you are lucky enough to visit Morella, what you can not miss are its medieval walls, dating from the fourteenth century; the door of San Miguel, which is the main gateway to the village; the main street, which is the most commercial street of the town where you can buy some of the typical products of the town, such as its delicious cheeses (sheep or goat) or the “flaó”, a pie made of cottage cheese and almonds; the Basilica of Saint Mary Major, a Gothic wonder built between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries; and finally, the Castle of Morella, a thirteenth-century fortification considered a National Monument since 1931.

The easiest way to get to Morella is by road. However, if you come from far away areas of Spain, a good option is to arrive by plane or train to Castellon or Valencia and rent a car to get to Morella. From Valencia, it is about 2 hours and 20 minutes drive, and 1 hour and 20 minutes from Castellon.

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Albarracin (Spain)

Albarracin - Spain - Most beautiful villages in the world

Albarracín is located in the province of Teruel (Spain) and undoubtedly competes for being one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. It is nestled in the mountains, was founded in the eleventh century, and from that time has inherited an imposing defensive system consisting of a castle, walls, and several towers that made Albarracín a virtually impregnable place and that for several centuries managed to be an independent territory.

Nowadays, Albarracín is a town open to tourism with a very interesting architectural and cultural legacy, which has allowed it to be declared a National Monument and be a candidate to be declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The town center of Albarracín has a lot of charm and the best way to discover this beautiful town of Teruel is to get lost in its streets and enjoy each of its corners.

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Sintra (Portugal)

Sintra - Portugal - Most beautiful villages in the world

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and located 25 kilometers from Lisbon, this romantic Portuguese village has many tourist attractions.

In addition to visiting the main palaces and castles, it is advisable to go hiking in the Natural Park surrounding the city and enjoy the most typical dishes of Portuguese gastronomy, such as bacalhau à brás or sweets such as queijadas and traveseiros.

The best things to do in Sintra are to visit the Pena Palace, its most emblematic monument and one of the most famous places in Europe; visit the Quinta da Regaleira which is next to the Pena Palace; visit the Castelo dos Mouros, a castle built by the Arabs in the ninth century on a massif and surrounded by forest; visit the National Palace, originally in Arabic style and renovated in the fifteenth century in the Manueline style, is another UNESCO World Heritage Site; or stroll leisurely through the narrow streets of the historic center and breathe the atmosphere of the people.

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Dinant (Belgium)

Dinant - Belgium - Most beautiful villages in the world

Dinant is a charming village of only 14,000 inhabitants located in the Walloon region of Belgium. Its location, on the banks of the Meuse River and wedged between small rocky massifs, is its main attraction.

Dinant boasts of its views, but also of three of its great icons: the illustrious Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone; its most popular dessert: the couque de Dinant; and its best brew, the Leffe beer.

As mentioned before, Dinant is wedged between the Meuse River and some impressive cliffs. One of its attractions is to visit the Citadel of Dinant, which can be accessed on foot or by funicular. It is an 11th-century building with an important history. However, the present building dates from the 19th century.

After this visit, you can cross the bridge over the Meuse River, where the views from it are beautiful, with a row of houses arranged on the banks of the river and the spectacular picture of the Collégiale Notre Dame de Dinant reflecting on it.

In the Rue Adolphe Sax, you will find the birthplace of the musician (Maison Sax), worth a visit and admission is free. Do not leave the village without trying the couque de Dinant, a kind of cookie made only with flour and honey, and the way to eat it is special, since it is not chewed but has to be left to dissolve in the mouth.

If you are a beer lover, you must visit the Maison Leffe, which is located on the other bank of the Meuse River, just a few minutes’ walk from the historic center of Dinant. It is the museum of Leffe beer in Belgium, one of the most famous beers in the world, which originated in Dinant.

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Durbuy (Belgium)

Durbuy - Belgium - Most beautiful villages in the world

Durbuy has the appearance and atmosphere of a village, but it is officially a city. In fact, it is considered by many to be the smallest city in the world, because although it looks like a medieval village and has just over 10,000 inhabitants, Durbuy ceased to be a village in 1331, the year it was elevated to its current status. Its strategic position and its relevance as a center of commerce and justice made it a target of frequent attacks in medieval times.

Its ancient stones and cobbled streets, ancient ramparts, and extraordinary nature give it an undeniable romantic charm. Its historic center is a maze of winding pedestrian streets surrounded by old buildings. Do not miss the rue Daufresne de la Chevalerie, the oldest street in the city, completely covered with pebbles from the Ourthe.

Durbuy is located in the Belgian region of Wallonia, about 45 km south of Liège and about 100 km east of Charleroi.

The most prominent building in the village is the Castle of the Counts of Ursel, which in 1731 was rebuilt on the ruins of an 11th-century fortress. Located on the banks of the river Ourthe, it gives the village a lot of charm. Another unmissable place is Les Topiaires Park; the largest topiary art garden in the world. You can also visit the Chêne farm (microbrewery) and the Saint-Amour jam factory (both free admission). Last but not least, we must approach La Falize, a rock wall with a really curious cavity. And, if you have time, you can take the opportunity to visit the megalithic field of Wéris located 13km away or visit the Labyrinth of Barvaux located 8km away, especially suitable for those traveling with children.

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Bardstown KY (USA)

Bardstown KY - USA - Most beautiful villages in the world
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Bardstown is located in the state of Kentucky, in the United States. It was named the “Most Beautiful Town in America” in 2012 by USA Today Best of the Road, and, in 2013, Travel + Leisure said the city has the “Most Beautiful Central Square in America”.

Its main attraction for visitors is an immersion in all things bourbon: its history, culture, attractions, and, of course, tasting Kentucky-made whiskey. But, it’s not all about bourbon in Bardstown, as there is a good deal of American culture and architecture on offer.

There are nearly 50 historic sites in Bardstown. Among the must-see attractions are The Stephen Foster Story, an outdoor musical dedicated to the man known as America’s first songwriter; the My Old Kentucky Home State Park, where the highlight is the Federal Hill mansion, which inspired Foster to write the song “My Old Kentucky Home”; the Civil War Museum; a collection of 10 colonial buildings in Old Bardstown Village; and the My Old Kentucky Dinner Train where passengers ride and dine in 1940s-era railroad cars.

Bardstown’s pleasant downtown also offers opportunities for shopping, dining, ghost tours, and sightseeing horse-drawn carriage rides. Play golf or paddle a serene river or brave the thrilling rapids. Visit bars, taverns, and breweries to enjoy a glass of bourbon or a beer.

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Banff (Canada)

Banff - Canada - Most beautiful villages in the world
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Banff is a town located in the Canadian province of Alberta. Despite being a relatively small enclave, for many, it is the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, an area of extraordinary beauty and much visited by nature-lovers. Around the town was created in 1885 the Banff National Park, which was the first in Canada. Now, along with other National Parks in the area, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Thanks to its location between mountains and rivers, Banff is one of the most visited destinations in Canada. Although Banff does not have an airport, its proximity to Calgary makes it possible, since from there it is easy to reach the town. In addition, it is connected by road and train to other well-known destinations. Therefore, it is impossible not to include it in a route through western Canada.

Banff is a very lively town, with many restaurants and stores, tourist attractions in the town and its surroundings, and full of travelers from all corners of the world. The town is articulated around Banff Avenue, the main avenue, where you will find the tourist office and very nice buildings, which give it a style reminiscent of the houses of the villages of the Alps.

Get lost wandering through its streets; visit the Cascade of Time park; climb Sulphur Mountain where there are extraordinary views; relax in the Upper Hot Springs, with a relaxing bath in its outdoor hot springs pools; admire the waterfalls of the Bow River; hiking in Lake Minnewanka; or visit Lake Louise and Moraine Lake, lakes with deep blue waters from glaciers in the mountains, are several examples of things you can do in Banff.

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Paraty (Brazil)

Paraty - Brazil - Most beautiful villages in the world

Paraty, a small coastal town in Brazil, has a lot to offer. Sun and beach; sea and mountains, overflowing jungle, crystal clear waters. All this and much more can be found in Paraty. One of those little known places, but not to be missed if you visit Brazil and you are in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Paraty is a colonial town that lived its heyday as a port during the gold cycle of Brazil and is listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco due to its great beauty and excellent state of preservation.

Paraty’s streets were designed with tides in mind, so its cobblestone avenues can be a challenge for pedestrians, who have to contend with slippery stones, water, and steepness.

Paraty is a place where time seems to have stood still. Its downtown area, all pedestrian, has a peculiar charm, with an impossibly uneven cobblestone that makes the tables of the cafes wobble, narrow streets that are illuminated at night, and avenues with stagnant rainwater that gives reflections of incomparable beauty. The houses are a succession of small white buildings with colorful details and lanterns that illuminate the charming places.

In the Cais de Paraty the escunas, the large boats that make shared excursions around the bay, are waiting for you. Beyond the historic center, on the other side of the Ponte do Pontal and next to the Praia do Pontal, it is possible to stroll along with the small boats, each one more colorful and ramshackle, which are rented by the day for private tours.

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Tasiilaq / Ammassalik (Greenland)

Tasiilaq - Greenland - Most beautiful villages in the world

Tasiilaq, formerly Ammassalik or Angmagssalik, is located just 106 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle in the southeast of Greenland, on the south coast of the island of Ammassalik, where about 2,000 people live.

While the west coast of Greenland has less ice and is more habitable because of the warm sea currents it receives, the east coast is colder and wilder and remains frozen for almost six months of the year.

This beautiful village of colorful houses, today is the administrative and educational center of southeast Greenland. Its main industries are fishing and hunting, although tourism is a steadily growing industry. There are several accommodations in town and agencies that organize hiking, kayaking, and other adventure sports.

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Qasigiannguit (Greenland)

Qasigiannguit - Greenland - Most beautiful villages in the world
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In Disko Bay, Greenland is Qasigiannguit, a small village surrounded by mountains that rise up to 450 meters and where marine life is the real protagonist, in addition to the small and colorful houses.

Göreme (Turkey)

Göreme - Turkey - Most beautiful villages in the world

Located in the central area of Cappadocia in Turkey, Göreme is best known for its “Fairy Chimneys”, many of them converted into tea shops, amazing carpet stores, antique shops, and quaint accommodations. Its population does not exceed 2,000 people making it a quiet place to visit, even in high season.

This town is the number one destination for tourists who want to ride a hot air balloon, the quintessential tourist attraction in Cappadocia; so if this is your plan, you will probably end up staying in Göreme.

Near Göreme is the Göreme National Park or open-air museum. This national park is the most famous territory of all the landscapes of Cappadocia, considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.

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Sidi Bou Saïd (Tunisia)

Sidi Bou Said - Tunisia - Most beautiful villages in the world
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Sidi Bou Saïd, or the city of doors, is a Tunisian coastal town of pristine white, with its famous blue balconies and windows, which has gradually made its place among the most beautiful villages in the world. A haven for millionaires, Sidi Bou Saïd sits around an old lighthouse in one of the most beautiful bays on the planet.

This coastal town located about 20 km from the Tunisian capital is one of the most beautiful places in Tunisia, although competition with other areas and towns in the country is tough. The town is located on a hill facing the Mediterranean Sea, and reminds us of places like Santorini in Greece, with a bucolic aspect that has inspired many artists to draw and paint their works on canvas.

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Lijiang (China)

Lijiang - China - Most beautiful villages in the world
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Lijiang is located in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains in the Chinese province of Yunnan. It has a history of more than 800 years. In China, this beautiful town is also known as the “Venice of the East” for its many beautiful canals, which together with its charming little houses and pretty cobblestone streets make it one of the most beautiful towns in the world.

The old town is tiny and can be seen quickly, but the truth is that you will not be short of things to do in Lijiang, especially in its surroundings.

Lijiang Old Town, the old town of Lijiang is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In fact, it is considered one of the four best-preserved ancient cities in China. It is full of charming streets crisscrossed by canals. It is known as the city of bridges because it has more than 350.

The cobblestone streets are very picturesque and decorated with lanterns and flags – it’s like going back in time! Unlike other ancient Chinese cities, it does not have a regular urban structure. And that is due to several factors: its geographical location, surrounded by mountains and at an altitude of 2400 meters, and also because of the significant seismic activity in the region. So Lijiang is unique!

Stroll through its streets, go crazy with its handicraft stores, breathe the pure mountain air… you won’t get bored!

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Xitang (China)

Xitang - China - Most beautiful villages in the world

Xitang is located in Jiashan District, Zhejiang Province, near Shanghai, it is one of the most beautiful water towns in China. A Unesco World Heritage Site, the pretty village of Xitang boasts a place in the Chinese government’s top 10 places of historical and cultural interest.

Xitang is in the Chinese province of Zhejiang and just over an hour by car or bus from Shanghai; it is a city divided by the channels of 9 different rivers, something that would make it difficult to travel but because it has more than a hundred bridges that allow the traveler to walk around it without the need to be constantly navigating through its channels.

It is precisely its canals and especially its bridges that make Xitang such a peculiar and unforgettable sight. Do not look for architectural harmony between the bridges, they were built at different times and with different styles and it is in their set rather than in each of them where its charm lies.

Xitang, besides being famous for its canals and bridges, is also characterized by the eaves of the roofs of the houses, eaves that are longer than usual to protect the villagers from rain and sun; you will also be struck by the streets that run under these eaves because some are, rather than streets, narrow alleys; or its temples and museums.

And when you’re tired of walking, one of the things you can’t miss in Xitang is to sail through its canals in one of the gondolas that run daily at sunset, when the red lanterns of the streets of the city are already lit; they say that the experience is even more spectacular than sailing the canals of Venice.

Visit the Shanghai tourism website.

Fenghuang (China)

Fenghuang - China - Most beautiful villages in the world

Fenghuang is the most beautiful village in the Asian giant and one of the most touristic and hidden places in China. A village that runs along both banks of the Tuo River which is its characteristic wooden houses on stilts and is connected by bridges that give this place an almost fairytale appearance.

It highlights its unique bridges as a double bridge named Hong, which is full of cute red lanterns, the covered bridge Fenghuang and full of small stores or bridges perfect for the more daring and made only with boards, stones, or rocks.

Visit the official Hunan Province tourism website.

Larung Gar (Tibet – China)

Larung Gar - Tibet - Most beautiful villages in the world

Larung Gar is said to be the largest Tibetan Buddhist center in the world. With more than 40,000 monks and nuns, it is an awe-inspiring place.

This city among the clouds is located in the Larung Valley, in a county in Garzê Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, and is famous for displaying the world’s largest Buddhist academic institute, established by Lama Jigme Phuntsok in 1980.

Its beauty and particularity is its conglomeration of miniature red houses occupying the slopes of a mountain like a gigantic amphitheater. Larung Gar has gained media fame among other things for its celestial funerals, in which the bodies of deceased people are thrown directly to the vultures (a mortuary ritual that many tourists witnessed).

View more about Larung Gar on Tibet Watch website.

Shirakawa-go (Japan)

Shirakawa-go - Japan - Most beautiful villages in the world

Visiting this village in Japan will invite you to know the most traditional Japan away from the big city, perfect for relaxing and surrounded by nature. Shirakawa-go, like its neighboring village Goyoma, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995 and is one of the most beautiful areas to visit in the Japanese Alps.

Shirakawa-go is crossed by the Shogawa River and surrounded by mountains. Very popular are its typical gassho-zukuri style houses, some of them more than 250 years old, with their triangular sloping roofs, made of thatch, to support the weight of the abundant snow that falls in this area in winter.

Strolling through its streets, observing its typical triangular wooden houses with thatched roofs, its rice fields, the surrounding mountains, or its beautiful flower fields, one soon realizes why Shirakawa-go is part of this list of the most beautiful villages in the world.

Visit the official Shirakawa-go tourism website.

Hội An (Vietnam)

Hoi An - Vietnam - Most beautiful villages in the world

Hội An is one of the oldest cities in Vietnam and in the past, one of the most important trading ports in Asia. Hội An is a medieval gem located about 140 km south of the Imperial City of Hue and a charming, must-see place to visit on a trip to Vietnam.

The ancient city of Hội An was officially recognized as a World Cultural Heritage Site in December 1999. Its streets and buildings were miraculously spared from the bombs of the Vietnam War, and thanks to this, its historic center shines as it did in the 15th century when Hoi An was the glittering capital of the Cham Kingdom, and ships from all over the world arrived at its port to fill up with spices, porcelain, silk and tea for trade. tea for trade.

The biggest attraction to see in Hội An is undoubtedly its streets dotted with small stores selling silk dresses, costumes, paintings, pictures, and other handicrafts. The walkthrough Ancient Town, or what is the same old area, will take you back in time. A real pleasure for the eyes, not only for the beauty of its architecture but also for the colorful lanterns that adorn the streets and that at nightfall make up one of the greatest visual spectacles on the planet.

Visit the official Hội An tourism website.

Mae Hong Son (Thailand)

Mae Hong Son - Thailand - Most beautiful villages in the world
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Mae Hong Son is the westernmost province of Thailand, surrounded by mountains and forests, which made it isolated until the 1960s. This isolation has made it the least developed region for tourism in the country, which still keeps almost everything intact, and the ethnic groups or mountain tribes that inhabit it have been able to maintain their customs and way of life.

Originally the city was created as an elephant training area, given the number of elephants living in the area in the wild.

Mae Hong Son, known in Thailand as the city of fog, is a quiet city, with little traffic, crossed by the Pai River. A border town is very influenced by the Burmese culture which can be seen in its mix of people, food, and architecture.

Mae Hong Son is a very quiet city with just over 8000 inhabitants where you can breathe calm and relaxation. Not being full of tourists makes you can stroll or enjoy walking around the streets and the Pai River. The Burmese influence is reflected in its temples, which highlight Wat Jong Kham and Wat Jong Klang right on the banks of the river and surrounded by a lake.

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